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Vivaxa Reviews: Vivaxa Penis Enlargement Cream

Penis Cream: Is Vivaxa Penis Enlargement Cream Products a Scam or Does It Work?

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Alhambra, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Vivaxa will give men sexual power and stamina in the bedroom. Women need time to build up for a good orgasm. No woman will have an orgasm in under 5 minutes. There are times when men will actually reach sexual satisfaction before his partner. This can be very frustration for a woman that really wants to have an orgasm. In many cases, men just don’t have the staying power to satisfy her. As a man ages, it can be difficult to have sex with the endurance to last long during intercourse. When men can only have sex for a few minutes this is called premature ejaculation. Vivaxa Penis Cream is the perfect product to correct this sexual issue.

What is in Vivaxa? Vivaxa's active ingredient is a patented formula called Calmosensine. The main element of Calmosensine is based on a peptide found naturally in the body as an amino acid. This type of peptide is known to help facilitate the release of serotonin agents that aid feelings of happiness and well-being. Applied to the skin, it has an effect of increasing blood flow to the penis and facilitating the transfer of peptides.

The Vivaxa Penis Enlargement Cream Products Official Site

Unlike a numbing agent, such as lidocaine found in topical anesthetic creams, Vivaxa Penis Cream does not have a desensitizing agent and does not reduce the pleasure of stimulation to the penis.

How is Vivaxa Used? Vivaxa is a topical cream intended to be applied directly to the penis. For best results, the makers of Vivaxa recommend applying about a quarter-size amount of the cream to the penis a while before having sex. Recommended use is at least 20 minutes. Rub it onto the penis and allow the time to let it absorb into the skin. Then wipe it off completely before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Is Vivaxa Safe? Vivaxa is made from only natural ingredients, all of which are approved for use in the US by the FDA. However, like any natural flora found in the world, some people may find they have an allergic skin reaction to the product. If a rash occurs, it is recommended to stop using the product at once.

The Vivaxa Penis Enlargement Cream Products Official Site

Vivaxa Penis Enlargement Cream is a product of Barmensen Labs. Their product has passed stringent certified tests and from the reviews and testimonials available online, there is hope for men who wish to remain virile and continue to engage in sexual activity. A little dab of the gel is all that is required to be used on the penis. This gel gets absorbed immediately into the system and with the increased blood flow in the penis, there is arousal, the penis feels larger and harder and with the increased stamina levels, man is able to indulge in greater sex.

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