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San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- With decriminalization of the cannabis industry in the US inevitable and the fast paced frequency of changes to public option & laws governing the use of cannabis Head Shop Hero has been established, a development & marketing firm completely focused on the needs of Smoke & Vape Shops.

“Smoke shops and dispensaries across the US are facing more & more competition every month. They’re starting to understand the urgency in preparing themselves for what is about to happen as this counter culture goes mainstream.” said Delton Childs, President & Managing Director of Smoke Shop Hero, “The industry is becoming larger every month, naturally shops & dispensaries need to adapt and use publishing, marketing & data analysis tools all companies count on. Look at San Antonio, Texas, top 10 nationally with a population over 1.3 million. Without decriminalization there are over 30 head shops in San Antonio & competition is a fierce battle about more than location. It’s about the brand & the feeling people have when they think about a shop.”

About Head Shop Hero
Head Shop Hero currently offers over 20 modern customizable & responsive (mobile friendly) website layouts & offers clients access to high resolution stock images from a library dedicated smoke shops stock images.

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Delton Childs, President & Managing Director,
North America