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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2012 -- Raspberry ketone supplements have been a hot selling product for weight loss over the past few months, but many consumers do not know what is actually contained in these supplements. For this reason, reminds consumers to always read the product ingredients label before buying any supplement including raspberry ketones. Click here to read the ingredients label for one of the top selling raspberry ketone supplements.

First, what is a “raspberry ketone” anyway? Simply stated raspberry ketones are a compound contained in red raspberries. It is the compound that gives raspberries their pleasant aroma. For this reason, raspberry ketone has been used in perfumes for decades, and as a food additive to give certain foods a pleasant aroma. Go here for more information . And lately, it was discovered that this compound when taken in supplement form helps people lose weight. The popularity of this substance for weight loss began in April of 2012 after Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended raspberry ketones as a miracle fat burner on his TV program.

It is always advisable for consumers to read the ingredients label prior to purchasing any supplement to see what is really contained in the product. displays a product ingredients label for most every product they offer. Often, supplement products are loaded with various fillers and many unnecessary ingredients but these type products can be avoided by reading the ingredients label before buying. The product ingredients label for a top selling raspberry ketone supplement can be seen here. offers authentic pure specialty products for healthy living. Most of their featured products are organic, all natural and fairly traded. Some of their top products include Perfect African Mango which is made exclusively from the patented extract called IGOB131 which is the only extract from the African mango fruit which was successfully used for weight loss in clinical trials. Perfect Acai, which is a pure organic freeze-dried non-diluted acai berry product, with no added ingredients. And, Perfect Resgrape, a pure resveratrol product containing only pure resveratrol and whole Muscadine grape. is a top-rated BBB Accredited online service.

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