What Is an E Cigarette? Explains New Consumers is one of those reputed portals that give only trustworthy information. It gives honest reviews and balanced rankings on several leading brands of electronic cigarettes that are currently available in the market. It is a strong advocate of smokeless smoking, as it believes that modern smoking has many advantages over traditional smoking. Here, it explains novitiates, what is an e cigarette?

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- Thanks to the internet and online media, now everyone knows that an electronic cigarette is a device that can be used in lieu of tobacco cigarettes. Speaking on what is an e cigarette; reveals that modern day electronic cigarette has its origins in a patented smokeless smoking gadget or device of 1963. The main intention of this invention is to provide nicotine to the user without combusting tobacco granules packed in paper tubes. Several experts feel that smoke derived by burning tobacco plus paper contains unwanted byproducts. These make tobacco cigarette smoking unappealing and smokers unwelcome. E cigs make vapors from nicotine solution. By smoking the vapors, consumers can appease their nicotine craving.

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What is an e cigarette? says that it is a technical gadget that is designed as a sort of pocket nebulizer. Just like a nebulizer, it uses electrical energy to heat a given liquid into vapors. Modern electronic cigarette constitutes two main parts. They are the battery and the cartomizer. Cartomizer consists of an atomizer and a cartridge. The atomizer houses a small heating element to provide necessary temperature to heat the liquid with the help of energy from battery. The battery is of the latest lithium ion type, which consumers can easily charge using a suitable charger. They have to replace cartomizer as and when the liquid depletes. With normal use, a cartomizer gives around three hundred puffs to consumers.

Electronic cigarettes could gain quick prominence, as tobacco cigarette smoke is drastically restricted in many areas. Habituated smokers are switching to smokeless smoking to get nicotine. A good electronic cigarette offers an authentic smoking experience and provides nicotine to users. Since smoke is replaced by vapor that is generated using a clean source of energy, unwanted byproducts are absent here. This quality makes vapors truly non-intrusive. Hence, consumers can use these products almost anywhere. They need not worry of bothering others with acrid smell or noxious gases. concludes its discussion on what is an e cigarette, by saying that electronic cigarettes can offer everything normal cigarettes offers to consumers and they are good substitutes to traditional cigarettes.

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