White Cloud Announces Latest Innovative Invisi-Vapor E Liquid Formula

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Recently White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes released and announced the launch of their latest in e liquid products the Invisi-Vapor cartridges. This newest release from White Cloud is based on the utilization of the most innovative and the latest technology that is available on the on the market today. This new e cigarette liquid formula will be producing 95% less vapor than the current ClearDraw cartridges.

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This is designed for those vaper that want to enjoy the best e cigarettes but without the large amounts of vapor when inhaling the heated e liquid. This latest offering from White Cloud is designed for those times when vapers don’t want to draw unwanted attention to themselves when they are vaping. The Invisi-Vapor is meant to produce a low vapor formula that will allow smokers to be able to use their smokeless cigarette in situations where discretion is vital. In the process this latest e cigarette liquid will still be delivering the same amount of nicotine as well as the same levels of flavor that are in the ClearDraw cartridge.

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As of now this innovative E Liquid formula is available in only 2 flavors namely the menthol and the Regular flavors. White Loud promise that when customers use the Invisi-Vapor cartridge, the only difference will be the almost lack of vapor but everything will be the same.

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