White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Fling Minis Impress Vapor Cigarette Users

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- White Cloud electronic cigarette is known for its quality vapor cigarette products. Although many electronic cigarette brands have disposable vapor cigarette in their selection of vapor cigarette products but the disposable electronic cigarettes by white cloud, also called fling minis are the most compact and convenient way to start using vapor cigarettes. The disposable electronic cigarettes are the best way to try on to the smokeless cigarettes. Before getting used to Vaping and before purchasing a vapor cigarette starter kit, disposable electronic cigarettes serve as the best choice. These flings are available with different flavors and nicotine strength.

These flings are available in different packs of 100,25, 10 and 5. Disposable electronic cigarette are the best options for new Vaping enthusiasts. These flings are available in all the flavors that are provided by the company. These are the easiest and most convenient electronic cigarettes that are available in the market. As they are disposable charging of the battery is not required.

These e cigs provides approximately 300-400 puffs which depend on smoking style of the user. This is almost equal to two packs of traditional cigarettes. It is a perfect Vaping experience that is also in ones budget. A single fling is available at a price of $7.95. One can also purchase packs of these like pack of 100, 25, 10 or 5. Each of these packs is adequately designed to suit the need of a vapor cigarette user.

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Flings are the perfect low cost introduction to e cigarettes as it provides an inexpensive backup to carving of the users. The 100 fling pack is available at $325 whereas the 10 pack was initially priced at $45.00 but this holiday season it is available at $39.95 that means one has to pay less for more products. The pack of five flings is priced at $24.95. There are also the regular disposable e cigarettes in all the flavors as available with white cloud electronic cigarette

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