White Cloud Introduces Shotgun Tips Announces talks about Shotgun Tips by White Cloud. These Tips are used to multiply the vapor production by a smoker.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Being considered as one of the most innovative brands in the world of electronic cigarettes, White Cloud comes out with yet another shocker. White Cloud has introduced Shotgun Tips which would help a smoker in mixing flavors while smoking. Now a smoker would not be smoking just one flavor at a time, one can combine two even three flavors at a time if smoking e cigs by White Cloud.

The Shotgun Tips are priced at $9.95 which includes a single barrel tip, double barrel tip and a triple barrel tip. The single barrel tip is a great choice for a smoker who hates the hard making of the original tip of the cartridge. The single barrel tip also helps one to let the smoker use their own e cig but without the tip or with the tip say experts. The double barrel tip is a fun way to mix two flavors by White Cloud. The SmoothDraw cartridges flavors available by White Cloud are Clove, Chocolate, Strawberry, Maple Bacon, Bora Bora, Moscow Mule, Mint Berry-the latest edition, Peach, Bad Apple, the hot flavor- Diablo, Lime and Coconut- to remind one of the beaches, and the regular flavors like Menthol, Snap, Vanilla, Espresso, and Kick.

All the flavors could be combined with each other to give an exotic and flavorsome smoking experience with the help of Shotgun Tips says Lastly, the triple barrel tip can be used to combine three different flavor or three different cartridges of the same flavor, to get a great hit and vapor production of the same flavor. The Shotgun Tips are awesome for the smokers who like to produce more vapors with their e cigs say e cig reviews. Chuck Bock, the popular ambassador of White Cloud e cigs said, “It’s the best thing since White Cloud Vapor! These things are super fun! I love mixing flavors and seeing what it tastes like. I also love locking and loading 2-3 and blowing out huge white clouds every once in a while”. lists White Cloud amongst the ten best e cig brands in the US.

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