White Cloud Only Brand to Offer Variety in Disposable E Cigarettes

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- White cloud is a famous e cigarette brand in the e cig niche and it is possible the only brand to offer variety in disposable e cigarette as well. While most of the e cigarette brands have two type of electronic cigarette, the disposable e cigarette and the rechargeable e cigarette, white cloud offers two type of disposable e cigs unlike any other brand. White cloud offers the basic disposable e cigs and the fling mini which are an even more compact and lighter version of the regular disposable electronic cigarette.

The fling minis which were re introduced in November 2013 has once again managed to impress the user for it is shorter, compact, lighter and more convenient to use than any other disposable electronic cigarette on the market. The fling minis are available in multiple packs of 5, 10, 25 and 100 and there is also a discount available on buying multiple packs.

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The regular disposable e cigarettes by white cloud are available in a variety of e liquid flavors ad nicotine strength. White cloud offers a number of choices in e liquid flavors which include menthol, Atlantic cut, Zero K, iced berry, cinnamon amongst others.

Disposable e cigarettes are the ideal choice for a first time smokeless cigarette user who wants to try on different e liquid flavors and decide on the nicotine strength before narrowing down on one e cigarette brand which offers the perfect e cigarette for them. White cloud offers cheap alternate to first time customers so that customer can try as many flavor and nicotine strength before finding the best e cigarette brand that offers what a user is looking for in an e cigarette.

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