White Cloud Phantom Brigade Can Enjoy Smoking Doubly Says talks about the Phantom Brigade of White Cloud. White Cloud is presenting the smoker with one plus one offer on all products under Phantom for the smokers.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- The Phantom Brigade of White Cloud has all the rights to smoke without stopping as the Phantom products are on an offer till 24th September 2012. The offer is one plus one that White Cloud is offering to a smoker on Phantom products. The Phantom was released for the loyal customers, to pay them the something for sticking with the brand for the longest time say reviews., being a review website includes White Cloud in the ten best e cig brands amongst others. The experts say that a smoker can chose the accessories or the whole Phantom kit by White Cloud and can get benefitted with the one plus one exclusive offer at checkout by entering a code discusses

The code that is to be entered by the privileged Phantom Brigade e cig smoker is explained by a source from the brand. The White Cloud representative said, “The smoker has to enter the first 4 letters of his last name plus the 3 digits of your Phantom number”. Through the code explained by the source, a smoker can get access to getting the same product absolutely free with the purchase of one. The Phantom offers a stealth e smoking experience to the smokers say experts. The Phantom has been kept exclusively for the loyal customers of White Cloud and that is the reason which kept the information about the product under wraps for so long proclaims

Many e cigs smokers have had the privilege to smoke Phantom e cig as per experts. One of them said, “I have been waiting so long to get this thing and I never could have imagined how great it would be. The Phantom performs amazingly as the technology remains same as that of White Cloud”. White Cloud has been named one of the best brands of e cigs because of their recurring updating of the products and also introducing new technologies like the Phantom, squid chargers and others announces e cig reviews. The Phantom kit includes a Phantom Locking Display Box, three Phantom Batteries, Squid Charger, Exclusive Black A/C adapter, 5 pack of Stealth Draw low vapor cartridges, 5 pack of your favorite Smooth Draw cartridges and a Numbered Phantom Membership Card for accessing further offers and discounts.

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