White Cloud Spins Out New Flavor Cartridge Shares talks about the new flavored cartridge by White Cloud. The new flavor is a mix of strawberry and menthol.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- The latest product to join others in White Cloud is the cocktail of strawberry and mint SmoothDraw flavored cartridge. The new cartridge comes in after the other several flavored cartridges which were introduced earlier in the year. Flavored cartridges like Bora Bora, Diablo, Apache, and others were put in the range by White Cloud to give the smokers a new sense and taste to e cigs smoking discusses

The amalgamation of mint and strawberry flavors for the e cig cartridge has not been named yet say sources. A representative from White Cloud said, “We haven't even named the new SmoothDraw flavor cartridge yet, we're leaving that up to our loyal customers. So after they've tried it, they can write a short review in the "review a product" section and suggest us a name”. The experts say that White Cloud is promising to give a free product, if the SmoothDraw cartridge name told by the person gets selected by the brand. The e cigs by White Cloud are thoroughly appraised because of the quality the brand offers say

The strawberry and mint SmoothDraw flavored cartridge is available in a single packaging at a price of $2.79. The single pack gives the opportunity to the smoker to try the flavor first and then go for extra cartridges say experts. Right now, the e cig reviews say that the new SmoothDraw cartridge can be bought only in full strength nicotine, which can be enjoyed by smokers who loves e cig smoking or even a smoker who enjoys strawberries and mint in a cocktail. The strawberry and mint cocktail is popularly known as strawberry mojito say experts. According to, the SmoothDraw cartridge flavors by White Cloud are one of the most exotic and unusual flavors seen in even the best e cig brands.

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