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Who Gave These Animals Art Supplies?

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Largo, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- Self-taught performance artist, filmmaker, poet, and musician Jayson Nessi has returned to society after several years of profound inward discovery and courageous external travel to manifest a not-for-profit art collective entitled, "Who Gave These Animals Art Supplies?", under the guise of producing the cathartic art whose sole motive is to liberate mankind from the metaphorical shackles of the distracted and disconnected modern world.

On September 6th, 2010, Jayson Nessi purged his belongings, bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii and spent months discovering what it was like to live effectively “homeless” amongst the beach-dwellers of the windward side of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. His neighbors drug-addled, the ocean his only friend-- the sun, wind, and rain his on-again, off-again lovers, Jayson spent the last of his money on a ukulele and spent the majority of the time he wasn’t searching for food on writing a musical album. After several months of hunger and loneliness, Jayson finally sought refuge on an organic farm and began recording his first album, the highly conceptual and peerless, "The First Words We Heard Were Dirt (So Now We Are Digging)”.

Years later, Jayson Nessi's newest musical album, the second-half and conclusion of his “Words We Heard” musical project: "The Last Words We Heard Were Attics (So Now We Are Climbing)", was too written while living effectively homeless-- in a tent in the woods outside of the city of Austin, Texas-- after riding his bicycle 3000 miles across the country. Accompanying his latest album, Jayson Nessi's first book, "Jayson Nessi's 'American Survival Guide'", is his most forthright attempt to share both the romantic and practical solutions regarding pulling the modern world out of its narcissistic and self-destructive narrative, while transforming it into one of unspeakable compassion, magnanimity, creativity, humility, curiosity, humor, patience, selflessness and excitement. Jayson's art is a reaction to himself and his experience; an earnest, enlightening and often guilt-ridden attempt to expose the inherent meaning and purpose of all things, including our very existence in the universe. Jayson's very latest project, "Seeing Being", is a genre-annihilating, profoundly imaginative existential web-series whose core motive too exists under the impetus of "saving the world".

Against the behest of his elders, Jayson Nessi dropped out of high-school at the age of seventeen, fearing the significant disconnect he perceived in his world, and motivated by the internal inspiration that he may be able to offer and share with humanity serious and powerful catharsis. After nearly a decade of internal and external turmoil and enlightenment, Jayson Nessi has returned to cultivate and foster the most powerful dialogue our world so desperately struggles to engage, with the ultimate goal of removing the metaphorical shackles that bind the collective human heart and mind. His new not-for-profit art collective “Who Gave These Animals Art Supplies?” is currently running a month-long fundraiser and can be found on the popular crowdfunding platform RocketHub.com.


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