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Why Are E Cigarettes More Eco-Friendly Than Regular Cigarettes? Answers ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com

E cigarettes are free from any kind of pollution and are eco-friendly than tobacco cigarettes. ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com answers the reason behind this.

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Dalas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- People are now conscious about the environment. Around millions of people are using e cigarettes today. One of the most prominent reasons behind using e cigarettes is the environment. Ad e cigs are eco-friendly and thus they do not provide any harm to the nature. ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com wants to explain the readers that why are e cigs more-eco-friendly than traditional cigarettes.

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ElectronicCigarettesComparison.com is giving different reasons so that smokers who haven’t yet switched to e cigs will definitely prefer them after reading the reasons over their regular cigarettes.

1) Smoking e cigarettes is a healthier option for smokers. Healthy smoking is equal to safe environment.

2) E cigarettes are reusable and thus there is very less garbage. Only e cig cartridges are changed in the reusable e cigs according to the usage of smokers. Disposable e cigs are also available but in comparison to regular cigarettes they last for a long time. One disposable e cig is equal to 20 packs of electronic cigarettes.

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3) Free from any kind of air pollution. No tar, ash or bad smell and there is no indoor pollution when used indoors.

4) These are not a landfill burden.

5) Tobacco cigarette butts are found in a huge amount on side of the roads. These butts generally take long time to biodegrade. After they decompose in the soil certain chemicals are left in the soil and cause pollution.

6) E cig cartridges are not easily seen thrown on the ground. People using e cigarettes are conscious about nature and so they do not litter.

E cigarettes are totally different from tobacco cigarettes.E cigs are free from any kind of negative effects on the nature and environment.

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