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The recent revelations that there have been more calls to the national poison centers about electronic cigarette have been welcomed as a sign for greater analysis into the smoking device.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- The electronic cigarette has been the target of many calls to various poison control centers nationally as there has been a 161 percent increase in calls from people with concerns over the smoking devices. Many people are calling in reference with quires to the effects of the e cigarette as well as the any after effects of the smoking devices. Whilst there have not yet been any federally sanctioned study into the effects of the e cig, there have been many media reports that state that the smoking device is potentially more adverse than the regular cigarettes.

Yet the electronic cigarette industry welcomes this line of inquiry as many believe that it will show an insight into the reality of the electronic smoking device. Whilst many have been complaining that for the past 9 years that the e cigarette has been operating carte blanche, without any form of federal oversight yet there are those in the vaping industry who say that this is their ace in the hole. They go on to state the in the 9 years that the electric cigarette has been made available globally there have been zero casualties or fatalities and this in thanks to an internal regulation policy by bodies such as TVECA that insist on the highest standard for quality from all its members. In fact TVECA is one of those that is assisting the FDA in the drawing up of regulations that will affect the e cig industry once they are finalized.

According to the director of the Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center Ashley Webb “more than half of the calls (on electronic cigarette products) we have received were concerning children.” Whilst it is true that many researchers have found the presence of diethylene glycol found the smokeless cigarettes products like e liquid what is not known is that the same diethylene glycol is also present in asthma inhalers and has been approved by the FDA for use.

Whilst scientists with the FDA and American Cancer Society have confirmed that there is currently no evidence about the safety of electronic cigarette products, there also say that there is no proof at all that they are a risk to the health as people make them out to be. Initial lab tests have shown that there is no evidence that exist to show they even help people reduce tobacco dependency yet there is a growing legion of people that claim they are now experiencing a much better lifestyle thanks to the e cig.

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