Why It Is Now Possible to Vape V2 Cigs at Heathrow Reviews DigitalSmoke.Org

Vaping brands like V2 Cigs now a possibility at Heathrow Terminal 4 thanks to the opening of a new vaping zone.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Brands like V2 Cigs have been given exposure as there is now a designated vaping zone at Heathrow Airport which has been seen by many as being essentially giving legitimacy to vapers as a distinct group of smokers. This has been seen as an extension of the recent ruling by the European parliament that voted against regulating the e cigarette as a medical product but rather as a smoking device. In fact there are now more than 7 million European citizens that have used the e cigarette either exclusively or it conjunction with the regular tobacco cigarette.

The e cigarette smoking enclosure consists of a 323-square foot lounge that was opened last week means that vapers do not have to go out to smoke like regular tobacco smokers but rather will have access to the vaping enclosure. This has been seen as boost for brands like V2 Cigs that see it a more of an exposure as they will be able to get their users to use the increasing popular e cigarette without the element of stigma that has been associated with regular tobacco smoking. It is also seen as sign that there is more changes that are expected in the use of electronic cigarette in aviation; as leading airlines like Ryanair have for a while been allowing the use of the smoking device during flights without any problems.

According to electronic cigarette reviews previously brands like V2 Cigs had to have their smokers have to us e the smoking devices outside the London terminal like the traditional tobacco smokers do. But now located in Terminal 4 by the duty-free shops it has been positioned near the international terminal so as to be able to accommodate the international travelers flying out of and into the UK to be able to access and enjoy their electronic cigarettes.

Whilst there have not been any conclusive tests that can claim the products made by leading brands like V2 Cigs are adverse to the human body or that they can assist those with a smoking habit they wish to break. Yet there are a large growing number of people that claim they are now having a better lifestyle thanks to the best e cigarette.

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