Why Texans Are Giving the E Liquid the Benefit of Doubt Reveals

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- The e liquid which is considered by many to be the lifeblood of the smoking devices has been the centre of many debates across the nation due to the way that they are made and also their marketing practices. Yet in light of all this intense spotlight on the industry there are many people that are now choosing to vape the e cigarette and see them as a better alternative to traditional smoking habits. Yet those that are against the e cig smoking devices state that since they are unregulated and there is no government oversight at any level, the long - term effects of using them is at best o be considered as doubtful.

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The uncertainty that surrounds of the e cig liquid has resulted in the Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to prohibit the use of the smoking devices on all state owned and leased property, in state buildings and state vehicles. But in reality it has had the opposite effect as the new ban on the e liquid and related products in the Sooner State hasn't slowed down the level of business in Texas. According to Mike Lewis who is a Stogies Sales Associate; “here are some customers concerned about it mostly our customers that come in that are state employees are concerned about it because that means they can't use it in places that they frequent.”

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He went on to confirm that despite the Oklahoma Department of Health saying vaping on the e cigarette liquid can impact non-smokers he confirmed that the chemical count is far lower than regular cigarettes. he stated that while “secondhand smoke contains about 5,000 chemicals which what you breathe on an e-cigarette is just water vapor, as matter a fact the chemicals inside the e liquid, the actual user is inhaling is much lower, it's about 5 versus chemical counts in the thousands.”

He also went on to confirm the claims that most of the problems with chemicals in the e liquid are usually exclusive to products that are sourced outside the U.S. He recommends that people should smoke/vape the e cigarette products that have home grown juices.

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