Wizarm Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the Wizarm product, a game changer in the PVR and Android STB marketplace. The product allows for the recording, playing, scaling and customization of full HD digital streams.


Shenzen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- With a $200,000 goal the makers of the Wizarm will launch a game changer for consumers looking for a way to browse the internet, run apps, answer their phone, and enjoy their media center all at the same time on a full or quad HD screen. The newest addition in the PVR and Android STB marketplace can either be used in the standard way or for more advanced uses. The all in one solution will need no other system to be used to scale, overlay, use a media center, gaming device, computer or dev board. Doing major multi-tasking it will amply provide a solution for customer complaints like affordability, resolution, and the limitations of source input in existing products. Addressing all these issues the standalone product will retail at $299.

A synergistic solution that includes brand new features in keeping with simplicity and quality the makers of the Wizarm also believe digital recording shouldn’t be frustrating or hard. Basically, if consumers can use a smartphone they can use the Wizarm to record digital streams. The “magic box” is controlled entirely from a KB/mouse combo, a PS3/X360 pad, an Android phone or even from a Win/Mac/Linux computer. Wizarm combines an innovative pass-through - scaling and overlay processing for digital video - on the Android/Ubuntu platform. This is accomplished with PC-like connectivity, performance and features. The product is as easy to use as simply selecting a screenshot or video clip and clicking a blue button to record.

To record the Wizarm will connect to the consumer’s source and display, access the camera software and start immediate recording. “Our product has a marvelous HDMI input that feeds the camera input of the Exynos5 SoC.” added Maurice. “Never before has handling a digital video stream been so easy. Wizarm users will be able to retrieve their incoming video stream from most of the camera software available for Android smartphones or tablets.” An amazing pro scaler is included with the Wizarm thus allowing a whole new type of digital control. Simply stated, whatever digital input is “thrown in” end users now can determine the output resolution of their choice. They can do this while still being able to determine a similar or different recording resolution. At the end of the day the Wizarm is both highly flexible and versatile. Offering a new kind of full HD-PVR, ProScaler, Multi-Boot and Multi-OS, Gaming, Embedded Overlay, UltraSmart TV, Media Center and Computer the innovative product will have a resolution of 1080p60 up to 1440p.

“We believe that everyone — not just the professionals or the wealthy — should have the ability to properly convert, scale, customize and record digital streams.” said Malone Maurice, Project Manager for Wizarm. Providing the ability to incorporate fun or informative content to the user’s digital stream the Wizarm gives that possibility with exceptional design. Users need only to freely choose the on screen location on which to add graphics, web elements, picture in picture and more. Consumers will thereby be able to create a truly unique and customized digital stream for themselves, their friends and their internet audience.

Wizarm is created by a team of software and hardware engineers who prize quality and innovation as well as human dignity. Self-described as citizens of the world the company focuses on safe work conditions for the manufacturing of their product. To that end the company works in partnership with manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea exclusively.

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