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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Finally the world received a breakthrough with the electronic cigarettes in the field of smoking. The centuries old tobacco smoking for the first time in its history met a strong counterpart in the e-cigs. This device which is credited for bringing a fresh change and revolution was first launched in Chinese market in 2004. Nearly adecade later electronic cigarettes have captured the attention of single smoker.

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A lot is known about smoking and the ordinary cigarettes including the harmful after effects and results. Among the various reasons for taking up smoking, stress and everyday tensions are the highlighted ones. Along with men now a day’s one can also witness women smokers at large. While smoking was never accepted publicly, women smoking have faced the worst reactions from the society. Initially in the beginning female smokers were not so common and were only limited to the famous actresses and celebrities but currently women smoking is a common sight. The female smokers are more exposed to the negative and harmful effects of smoking compared to their male smokers.

Along with being the best alternative to smoking, electronic cigarettes are now becoming the choice for many female smokers. Given the freedom to smoke almost everywhere with the odorless and ash less vapor of the device, the ladies are now preferring the electronic cigarettes over the conventional ones. Also the various brands of the product are now concentrating on the women population by bringing out e-cigs especially for the ladies. The electronic cigarettes for women are in designed keeping in view of the likes and choices of the female smokers. For details on the various brands of e-cigarettes for women visit the site of

Electronic cigarettes are a construction of three main components atomizers, cartridges and the power storage. The cartridges contain a liquid solution which on getting heated by a heating element produces a vapor for inhalation. Generally the cartridges contain nicotine solutions which are available in different concentration.

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