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Xtreme NO: The Clinically Proven Highly Effective Muscle Building Supplement Now Offers 1 Free Bottle on All Orders!

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- Xtreme NO is a pre workout supplement designed to boost oxygen levels and blood flow in the body to enhance muscle and body structure. The product has become most popular among fitness experts, bodybuilders and athletes since it has been clinically proven for its efficacy and safety.

The company is offering this product with special online offer on each purchase. Now with every order, customers can get a lifetime membership to online fitness club without any additional cost. The offer is designed to help users get useful guidelines about diet and exercise routine, that when combined with Xtreme NO will help provide the best possible results.

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The reason behind the success of Xtreme NO isn't only its powerful blend of ingredients. It has also gone through several clinical studies which have shown noticeable results. An 8 week clinical study was conducted at the University of Kansas in 2010. About 30 subjects were divided into two groups. Both groups were put on an effective weight training program and made significant gains. One group used Xtreme NO before training and that group showed increases in squat power that were 110% greater than the control group. The Xtreme NO group also experienced bench press max increases that were 70% greater than the control group.

These positive results discovered by famous health researchers found a breakthrough in the male’s health industry and Xtrme NO became the top health product for men. A large number of users across the world turned towards this pre workout program to improve exercise tolerance and get maximum strength.

Xtreme NO works on the basis of its unique formula which initiates a day long perpetual release of blood flow and oxygen to the muscle areas. It is combined with a powerful blend of amino acids which play vital role in promoting nitric oxide levels in the body. It also improves cardiovascular activities and improves immune system.

The company has recently announced a special bonus on each order which includes membership access to online fitness club without any additional cost to help achieve desired results. Backed by a 60 days guarantee, Xtreme NO is available with a free membership access to the online bodybuilding program.

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About Xtreme NO
Xtreme NO contains an advanced L-Arginine blend of amino acids that cause an increase in the levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body that helps to move oxygen into your muscles where they need it the most, sparking powerful muscle growth, strength gains, and incredible ripped muscles.