Yacon Molasses - The Newest & 100% Organic Yacon Syrup For Fast & Effective Weight Loss Now With Free Bottle Offers

Yacon Molasses is newest and 100% organic yacon fruit extract syrup for weight loss. The new Yacon Syrup is now available for purchase online at discounted price.

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- The Yacon Syrup is now widely used in dietary supplements because of its lots of health benefits and weight loss abilities. The newest formulation created from pure and 100% natural Yacon Molasses Syrup is now available for online purchase at discounted price by

Recent scientific research on Yacon Diet Syrup has shown several health benefits of this herbal extract and found it an incredible metabolic booster. Ongoing research suggests that the health boosting abilities lies in the root extract of Yacon which is highly rich in ‘prebiotics’ such as insulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). It acts as a soluble fiber, promotes friendly bacteria, aids in digestion and also improves immunity. Aside from this, Yacon also helps control appetite and sugar cravings, balancing calorie consumption.

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A clinical study was also recently conducted to demonstrate the health benefits of Yacon Syrup and also its effects on human’s body mass. According to the results, the Yacon Syrup showed significant decrease in overall weight and body mass index (BMI). Through this research, scientists concluded that if used in a concentrated form, Yacon Syrup may aid in weight loss and also a good source of fibers.

Several companies have been selling their Yacon Syrup products for the past a few years and offering their customers the best form of yacon syrup to help them improve their wellness. Yacon Molasses is designed by a well-reputed company which is dedicated to producing nature’s best herbs in their purest and concentrated form. Also with Yacon Molasses, one can get 100% pure, organic Yacon Syrup, which helps promote weight loss and also aids digestion.

Another researcher conducted a clinical test on 60 obese females, which were given one tablespoon of Dr Yacon Syrup before each meal for four weeks and allowed to eat whatever they want. Out of 60 participants, 40 women completed the trial and 29 of them reported a significant weight loss. The average weight loss was about 3 lbs and a reduction in weight circumference was also noted up to 2 inches.

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