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Zygor Guides Reviews: Zygor Leveling Guide Download

Zygor Guide Customer Reviews: Does The Zygor Guide Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Zygor Guides is being touted as a gift to all World of Warcraft enthusiasts, both beginners and top players, who wish to up their level in the WoW field. But what is Zygors Guide really made of? How is it different from other Warcraft strategy guide models? In here, we'll take a look at Zygor Guide features and capabilities.

How Does Zygor Guide Works?

Zygor Guide offers a very friendly user interface. The window is resizable, very sleek and convenient to work on. It provides everything players need to complete the tasks and players will find details even about the slightest of things. So there is no need to locate the website for help or a PDF file for, players can just stay on the interface for all answers. Moreover, Zygor Guide also shows players the optimized path to complete more quests in less time.

The Zygor Leveling Guide Latest Version Official Site

Players will also find a waypoint arrow that can be moved anywhere on the screen to reach the target. This feature has been included in the new version so players can get their task done more efficiently and in less time. Additionally, Zyor Leveling Guide offers Automation, which means that now players will not have to manually switch the windows from game to guide. It will also select the next quests automatically.

The guide even remembers where players left their quest. So now players really don't have to remember the place where they left. Moreover, players can even start with any level they like. The interface makes it really easy to scroll through the levels and quests. players can click any quest and start working on it. However, the guide suggests to start a little early like a level or two before their chosen level so players can work on the local quest chains.

The Zygor Leveling Guide Latest Version Official Site

What Are The 2 Biggest Features of the Zygor Guide?

Powerful Map Add-On

The map add-on allows players to follow all the instructions in the Zygor Guides even when players are playing the game, without having to alt-tab constantly to read the PDF file. players can load this up while they play, and follow every step in the game, thus saving lots of time.

Includes Strategies for Both the Alliance and the Horde

Zygor Guide teaches players how to level both the Alliance and Horde characters, which is really great for players as they play both sides pretty frequently. If players have searched on the internet and found other leveling guides, they might have realized that most of them only sell guides for one side.

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The Zygor Leveling Guide Latest Version Official Site

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