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'20/20/20' - the New Catch Phrase Among Fast Food Restaurants Dallas


Corpus Christi, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Hunger will no longer exist in Texas thanks to the mouthwatering delights served in fast food restaurants Dallas. Texas has always been known for its interesting cuisines and its fresh take on ‘take out’. It has always enjoyed the popularity of serving authentic food that is big on taste and high on quality. And, a name that continues to add to the legacy is Bull Chicks.

Bull Chicks, a highly popular name among fast food restaurants Dallas is more than just another fast food place. It is a brand that makes eating fast food an experience rather than a chore. The brand believes and practices the principles of family dining and this is what makes Bull Chicks, one of a kind.

If on one hand, the brand is known for its divine hospitality, on the other it is known for its out of this world food. In a recent development the brand devised a new 20/20/20 formula to give existing as well as new customers something new to look forward to. The brand which is already tagged as one of the best fast food restaurants Dallas for serving world famous burgers is now on its way to getting noticed for its wraps, wings and salads as well.

The new 20/20/20 menu has 20 in number of everything. It has 20 burgers, 20 wraps and 20 different kinds of salads all destined to eliminate hunger forever. These new additions have already given rise to anticipation among customers both locally as well as nationally.

Fast food restaurants Dallas are known to give top priority to quality. Bull Chicks too as part of the prestigious history of award winning restaurants uses only the freshest ingredients and prepares everything from scratch. The hospitality has oodles of affection and warmth. In short, the ambience and food put together make the best recipe for a perfect time out with family and friends.

What is the one thing that Bull Chicks is known for and other fast food restaurants Dallas are not so much is the consistency. Till date not a single customer has complained of the food or the experience. It is the consistency and the constant quest for excellence that has Bull Chicks is full swing to go beyond the expectations of the public.

Fast food today is synonymous with road trips and last minute take outs. Bull Chicks wants to change this approach and make eating fast food an experience filled with joy and laughter. The brand’s popularity coupled with new interesting additions made to the menu is giving Bull Chicks an edge over other fast food restaurants Dallas. For now, the brand is beyond any competition and is likely to continue. To know more about Bull Chicks, to check out the 20/20/20 menu and order online log onto http://www.bullchicks.com