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911 Tax Relief Discussed the Changes in the IRS' Offer in Compromise Guidelines

According to 911 Tax Relief, the recent changes in the IRS’ offer in compromise guidelines provide major benefits to taxpayers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- With all the buzz that tax mediation and resolution companies are making online and through radio and television advertisements, a taxpayer who wants to take advantage of a tax relief may find it hard to choose the company or the law firm that he will hire.

In reality, taxpayers need not hire a professional to prepare, not unless they really don’t have the time to do so and is having a hard time understanding the whole IRS system. But with due diligence on the preparation of the Offer in Compromise and with the major revamp that the IRS has made on its guidelines, a taxpayer can get himself out of his tax liability or lessen his tax obligations.

According to 911 Tax Relief, the recent changes in the IRS’ offer in compromise guidelines provide major benefits to taxpayers. OIC is an agreement with the IRS as an approach to lessen the original amount of unpaid tax obligations or unresolved tax liabilities, there are instances that OIC can get the taxpayer out of his liabilities. The recent changes and guidelines supply taxpayers with additional discounts than the previous one. In the interest of both the IRS and the taxpayer, 911 Tax Relief states that the IRS has made these changes to offer additional discounts to taxpayer’s assets in order to help taxpayers make payments that they are not capable of paying in full in the past. This partial payment recovery is the amount that the IRS is not able to collect in the past.

Due to previous changes to OIC in 2012, the program has been widely used and accepted more often, from 38% to 42% over the past two years. In general, the IRS will compromise for the taxpayer’s combined value of assets in addition to a portion of their future earning capability. The new changes give taxpayers further discounts of approximately 20% more on their tangible and intangible assets.

Why go with the services of an expensive you law firm now that there are higher chance that the filing of OIC will be granted? If one wish to hire a tax mediation and resolution company, simply because he doesn’t have the time or is not confident enough to file the OIC on his own go with the trusted and established company, take a look at this 911 Tax Relief review:

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-Gary and Patty J. | Roswell, NM

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