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Carosella & Associates Help Remarried Couples Update Their Estate Planning Documents

LogoThe team at West Chester law firm Carosella & Associates understands that updating an estate plan after remarrying can be a complex endeavor, especially when children are involved. Their estate planning attorneys and family lawyers work collaboratively to help clients protect their assets while taking multifaceted family dynamics into account.

East Coast Diesel Nationals Picks Champion Blue Flame as Official Oil


ConfExcel Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Simply Master MS Excel Series

Microsoft Excel is the backbone of any organization around the world and mastering it can make everyday operations easy and more effective. To help people master the art of MS Excel, a European company called ConfExcel has announced the launch of its Simply Master Excel Series. This series is written by the Founder of ConfExcel, Andreea and she is currently raising funds and support for this project on Kickstarter.

Nailed & Lashed: Offering Standard and Unique Nail and Lash Extensions Services in Las Vegas

Nailed & Lashed, a customer-centered lash extensions and nail salon in Las Vegas, offers a variety of unique services such as in & out manicures, custom nail art, gel manicures, and more.

Patent Translations Express: Offering Trusted Patent Translation Services in the United States

LogoPatent Translations Express, a reputable patent translations firm, provides trusted patent translation services to clients in the United States.

AudioCityUSA Offers AC Forged Wheels with Great Style and Performance

LogoAn unrivaled name in the aftermarket automotive industry, AudioCityUSA offers AC Forged wheels with great style and performance. These rims are an excellent choice for car enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate in lightweight, strong, and classy-looking wheels. These wheels provide a high-end look to your vehicles without busting budgets at the same time. Equipped with multi-spoke rims, the wheels provide a style statement and elevate the feel for vehicles. Extremely durable, these wheels are up to 500 times stronger than cast wheels and are extremely beautiful.

VoiceAmerica Salutes Talk Radio Shows' Milestones for Years Online and Number of Episodes

LogoInternet Radio Pioneers Celebrate Successful Shows that have achieved significant milestones as of July 2021.

Downsize QuickBooks File Size, Avoid Data Corruption and Enhance Network Performance with E-Tech's File Optimization Service

QuickBooks data files bigger than 500MB must be optimized every 6 to 12 months to assure that they operate at top performance, experts say.

Deleting and Making a New QuickBooks Company from Scratch May Require Substantially More

Experts find that rather than going back and manually reversing every transaction, it may be easier to just purge, or erase everything and start over.

QuickBooks SuperCondense Generates Far More Greater Results Than the Condense Process

SuperCondensing a QuickBooks data file presents better performance, avoids data corruption, provides stability on networks, takes up lesser space on the hard drive, and more.

The Bittersweet Story of QuickBooks Audit Trail

The QuickBooks Audit trail or also known as the audit log is a security-relevant chronological record, set of records, and a source of records that provide a documented sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation, procedure, or event.

American Retail Supply Offers Eye-Catching Gift Wrap Papers

LogoAmerican Retail Supply is one of the largest wholesale retailers in the US, providing an extensive range of wholesale products to help retailers run their stores conveniently. They offer wholesale store fixtures, gift wraps, personalized shopping bags, retail displays, slatwalls, price guns, and more. Ensuring that they give clients true satisfaction, their incredible product experts only select products that add value to their customers. This is then complemented by the fast and reliable services that the company extends each time a client makes an order.

Maple Street Partners with WolfPAC to Establish All-in-One Solution

Maple Street's best-in-class vendor management system, the Vendor Advantage System®, is joining forces with WolfPAC's Integrated Risk Management platform to deliver a complete, integrated vendor and enterprise risk solution for credit unions and community banks.

American Retail Supply Offers Colored and Printed Tissue Paper in Hundreds of Designs and Styles

LogoAmerican Retail Supply introduces a wide variety of colored and printed tissue paper for gift shops, apparel and jewelry stores, restaurants, bakeries, and retail stores.

Digitized Logos Offers Corporate Promotional Products and Branding Items Online

LogoDigitized Logos, a quality-driven apparel company based in the United States, provides corporate promotional products and branding items online.

Crane Training Academy Offering Crane Operator Courses at Reasonable Rates

The construction industry and other industries make use of special equipment that requires proper training and certifications to operate them. Such as operating a crane, need certifications that help verify if an individual is capable of operating the equipment properly and safely.

Circular Matchmakers Announces Launch of New Website

Circular Matchmakers is pleased to announce the launch of their new supply chain and knowledge management website and takes the opportunity to invite repair shops and service companies that offers services on machine consumables and remanufacturing services; such as spare parts, circuit boards, bearing, axis, wiring, oil and fluids, switchgear, drill heads, fasteners, etc.

The C.S. Lewis Institute Is Hosting Discipleship with C.S. Lewis Event with Dr. Joel Woodruff, CSLI President

LogoA well-renowned religious institute in North America, The C.S. Lewis Institute is hosting a Discipleship with C.S. Lewis event with Dr. Joel Woodruff, the CSLI President. The event will focus on how faith impacted the works of C.S. Lewis and his book, Mere Christianity. The event can help you gain the resources to guide others to the heart of Mere Christianity. With the resources from the event, people can also disciple others in their homes, church, and neighborhood as C.S. Lewis did.

Blogger Tim Ozman Reveals True Identity of "Q" to Be White House Credentialed Reporter for JFK Jr's Magazine George

Tim Ozman, host of Dark Matter After Midnight, a live conspiracy podcast that takes live callers, has presented findings that show Donald J Trump is friends with the individual known as “Q”.

No More Phone Tag Offering Top Med Answering Services at Affordable Rates

LogoNo More Phone Tag takes the hassle out of phone tag and is a resource for any business or personal needs. They specialize in providing high-quality, customized telephone answering services that are safe and affordable.

USI Money Offering Bespoke Foreign Exchange Services

LogoUSI Money is a foreign exchange provider that caters to both individual and corporate clients. The company has a team that is always ready to help and support you with your concerns and questions. The experienced team has been hand-picked and has a combined expertise of over 65 years in the fields of finance and investment all around the world. The company takes pride in the fact that USI Money is service-oriented and deals with all common currencies such as Euros, Sterling, US Dollars, and Japanese Yen. They also deal with exotic currencies like South African Rand, Australian Dollars, UAE Dirhams, and Saudi Arabian Riyals. The company avails of other currencies when requested.

Winteriors Décor: A Quality-Driven Interior Design Company Providing Modern Office Furniture for Clients

LogoWinteriors Décor, a leading interior design company, provides modern office furniture for commercial buildings in Dubai.

Greenlane Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:GNLN) Investor Alert: Lawsuit in Connection with Takeover Filed

LogoAn investor, who currently hold shares of Greenlane Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:GNLN), filed a lawsuit in connection with the takeover of Greenlane Holdings, Inc. by KushCo Holdings, Inc.

Champignon Brands Inc. (OTC:SHRMF) Long Term Investor Notice: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of Champignon Brands Inc. (OTC:SHRMF) concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officers of Champignon Brands Inc. was announced.

CPSD President Has Article in Discover Magazine

Leslie Ryland, president of the Collaborative Practice San Diego (CPSD), has an article on collaborative divorce in the June edition of Discover Magazine.

Philip Castleton Photography: A Professional Photography Company, Offers Excellent and Unique Services in Toronto

LogoPhilip Castleton Photography offers professional photography services in Toronto to interior designers, businesses, and architects.

Livigno Ski School Provides Ideal Conditions for Individuals to Learn Skiing

LogoLivigno Ski School is a ski school that provides expert skiing lessons and techniques. They have over 150 certified skiing instructors who love the sport and always make clients' day on the Livigno Mountains an unforgettable experience. They are ideally located in the best ski school camp in Livigno with the progressive difficulty of the slopes. Also, the school has the necessary resources to guarantee the success of each class.