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Registration Is Open for the Brooks Group's Executive Level Presence Program

LogoRegistration for the Carpei Audientiam Executive Level skill enhancement program is now open. The event will take place July 13 through July 15th and will focus on aiding executives in mastering public speaking specifically for delivering presentations. The three-day healthcare executive coaching event will train attendees in identifying key individuals that must be engaged during a presentation.

East Coast Diesel Nationals Picks Champion Blue Flame as Official Oil


LUX Mobile Studios Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its New Mobile Strategy Game

LUX Mobile Studios is a premier mobile development company, and it has proudly announced the launch of its all-new mobile strategy game called Four Horsemen. This player-focused multiplayer mobile strategy game comes with a wide range of features and an exciting gameplay for the players. Moreover, it caters to both Free 2 Play and Pay 2 Play. To introduce this game-changing game project to the world, the team of LUX Mobile Studios has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and they are welcoming generous support and backing.

Ricardo Neeley, Bahamas Hip Hop Artist Makes Transition from Noble Barz to NRBARZ

Ricardo Neeley, a popular hip hop artist from The Bahamas announces that he is making the transition from Noble Barz to NRBARZ for legal purposes. NRBARZ has come a long way with sheer hard work, dedication and passion for making good music. Announces New Arrivals in Smart Accessories

Featuring Premier Telecommunication Equipment, Remote Controlled & Unique Electronic Gadgets, 3D Printing Devices and More.

Liners Gone Wild Updates Online Store with New Humor T-Shirts and Accessories

Liners Gone Wild are the experts in "One Liner Jokes" merchandise, humor t-shirts and accessories. The store features unisex t-shirts and t-shirts for men and women. Beware for only the bold and the jolly can effortlessly sport these cool t-shirts. These t-shirts are available in amazing styles, funny one liners, cool colors and all sizes.

Upgrading Relationships for the 21st Century

LogoAs a wise person once said "you can be right or you can be married". In this conversation with nationally recognized family therapist, author, and teacher Amy Carroll and Terry Real take a deep dive into just a few of the strategies Terry talks about in his book "The New Rules of Marriage" (loosing strategies that get us in trouble in our most intimate relationships and the winning strategies to become a proactive lover and shift into second consciousness). In addition, we get a sneak preview of Terry's next book about relational empowerment! You're not going to want to miss this episode!

Topaz Cleaning & Restoration: Offering Outstanding Air Duct and Carpet Cleaning Services in San Antonio Texas

Topaz Cleaning & Restoration is a committed and customer-focused cleaning company specializing in residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. The carpet cleaning company offers a variety of cleaning services to customers through their experienced and certified technicians. Some of their residential cleaning services include air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, draperies/curtains, furniture, house washing, natural stone, pressure washing, roof cleaning, as well as tile and grout cleaning. 

The Car Club: A Trusted Dealer for Quality Used Car in Ottawa

The Car Club, a platform to purchase quality used cars in Ottawa, helps interested buyers seamlessly obtaining automotive loans.

Lighthouse Network Helps Mental Health Sufferers Find Peace

The Lighthouse Network is a nonprofit ministry that provides 24/7 helpline support for people with mental health issues. Through their helpline, the network supports and guides suffering individuals to find peace, joy, and freedom. This further helps these individuals in achieving their God-given potential. The helpline has a caring, expert staff that finds the right treatment center or treatment program required by each individual. Founded in 2003, this organization serves those struggling with addiction of some kind or another psychological issue through its free helpline service and online life growth resources for those seeking help from their computer at home or work.

Cal-Vintage Roofing Offering Quality Roofing Services in Sacramento

LogoCal-Vintage Roofing Co Inc. is a Sacramento-based roofing company that is family-owned and run. They provide roofing services to homeowners, business owners, contractors, real estate agents, brokers, property managers, and homeowner associations. The company has over 30 years of expertise as one of Sacramento's best roofing companies. They employ the top Sacramento roofing contractors, and their commitment to excellence is reflected in all sectors of their business, since they produce great products and unsurpassed services that, together, deliver premium value to their clients.

ASAP AIR A/C and Heating Offers AC Repair and Conditioning Services at Affordable Prices

LogoThe company, founded by a father-son duo back in 1988, has provided quality services to residential and commercial establishments. The company will continue to provide exemplary service as it strives for excellence. ASAP AIR A/C and Heating has also recently partnered with air conditioning manufacturers to ensure that clients receive nothing but the best products from top brands when choosing them for their air conditioning needs. They now have authorized dealers of these products, so their clients can always rely on them.

Palm Energy Offers Demand Side Management Services in the USA

LogoPalm Energy offers comprehensive energy services in the USA. They are a part of the e2 companies family, an organization that provides full indemnification for their services and products, including regulatory monitoring and reporting. The company uses the most advanced technology to provide excellent solutions to its clients. Through their services, clients can have peace of mind and focus on their business no matter what the global or local disruption. The company has a leadership team that has deep experience in serving various end-users.

The Linen Group: A Customer-Focused Laundry Outfit, Delivers Excellent Laundry Services in Manchester

LogoThe laundry industry is quite a large one, catering to the need of hospitality businesses, private individuals, as well as those of other people who might be in need of their services. Not unusual is the effort of commercial laundry services, which have farther reach and influence, delivering excellent laundry services to the corporate and business world. The United Kingdom is not left out of the reach of these services, as The Linen Group, a family-owned and commercial laundry outfit, is a highly renowned business, regarded by many, as an excellence-driven laundry service provider in Manchester.

Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic: A Trusted Cancer and Kidney Specialist in India

LogoExpert Cancer Homoeo Clinic, a reputable homeopathic practice centre located in India, is a trusted cancer and kidney specialist.

Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:REKR) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges False and Misleading Statements by Rekor Systems, Inc.

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:REKR), filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Rekor Systems, Inc. . f/k/a Novume Solutions, Inc in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements made between April 12, 2019 and May 25, 2021.

CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp. (NYSE:CCAC) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp. (NYSE:CCAC), was announced concerning whether the takeover of CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp. is unfair to NYSE:CCAC stockholders.

Amdocs Limited (NASDAQ:DOX) Long Term Investor Alert: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of Amdocs Limited (NASDAQ:DOX) concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officers of Amdocs Limited was announced.

Matthew Huffhines of Inspire Services Discusses the Importance of Communication with Special Needs Kids on Focus on Success Live Radio Program

LogoFawzya Khosti, International Talk Radio Host on VoiceAmerica, and Matthew Huffhines of Inspire Services discuss the importance of communication with special needs kids on July 14, 2021 at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. Offers Small Business Loans to Help Businesses Grow and Expand

LogoA leading financial lender in the US, LendingCapital offers small business loans to help businesses grow and expand. With flexible funding, payments, credit lines, equipment leasing. The company makes taking out loans and business funding a quick and painless process for owners.

Second Chance Sobriety Homes Provides Healthy and Helpful Living Environment to the Recovering Addicts

LogoSecond Chance Sobriety Homes plays an integral role in making a recovery easy and effective for recovering addicts. 

The Car Club Offering Used Cars in Ottawa at Great Prices

The Car Club is a globally renowned used car dealer based in Ottawa, Canada. The company stocks a wide selection of used vehicles in different models. Clients can pick any car they want and the buying process is relatively hassle-free. The Car Club offers same standard services, allowing every customer to enjoy personalized attention both online and physical. The company also offers car loans to help people purchase the car of their choice. They offer plenty of benefits, including low insurance costs, no depreciation, and comprehensive car maintenance plans. The Car Club has built relationships with car dealer groups, rental car companies, and auctions throughout Canada to acquire only the best cars for its clients.

Palm Energy Offers Instant Back-Up Power Solutions in North America

LogoPalm Energy offers many energy solutions and services to businesses in North America. Their services include Utility bill management, reporting, analysis, audit, renewables and distributed energy resources, and many more. With its products and technology, clients can focus on their business no matter what the global or local disruption may be. The company has a team of highly trained professionals who have served end-users of all types and sizes. They constantly monitor the energy pricing and utility conditions to ensure their partners' energy management and resiliency needs are fully optimized.

AudioCityUSA Offers Lexani Wheels with Fully Custom Design and High-Performance Features

LogoAn unrivaled name in the aftermarket automotive industry, AudioCityUSA offers Lexani wheels with fully custom design and high-performance features. The wheels feature the everlasting durability and utmost precision that people look for when choosing wheels for their vehicles. The wheels are known for their performance and unique design characteristics that allow you to customize your wheel to match your style. Available in sizes ranging from 17" to 28", the wheels impart beautiful, and rustic looks to your vehicles.

Real Estate Legend Peter Vekselman on SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk with Host Phyllis Ayman

LogoPeter Vekselman, CEO of, is a Real Estate Legend, Speaker, & Philanthropic Family Man. He’s a nationally recognized Real Estate Investing Authority, and Creator of the Heart-Centered, Wealth-Building, “Partner Driven” Coaching System.

When QuickBooks List Limits Hinder Performance, E-Tech's List Reduction Service Tackles the Issue

List entries help better manage a company data and are used mainly to keep track of things like customers, vendors, services, inventory items, and non-inventory items.

The Relevance of the Seemingly Irrelevant QuickBooks .TLG File

The Transaction Log File or the TLG file is one of several files that QuickBooks creates whenever a company file is opened in a new place and helps recover data in case the main file gets corrupted.