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A New, Natural Way to Treat Headaches and Chronic Ear, Jaw, Face, Shoulder, and Back Pain Caused by Facial Asymmetry and Temporo Mandibular Joint Issues

By Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin, King’s College and Gargash Hospital in Dubai


Dubai City, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2020 -- Many people have visited doctors for chronic headaches, ear pain, jaw and face pain, shoulder/back stiffness, and Temporo Mandibular joint (TMJ) problems like jaw clicking and jaw locking, and simply been given prescriptions.

There is a better, more natural solution!

After dealing with hundreds of patients each year, Professor Dr. Luis Gavin has developed a pioneering new understanding of the above medical issues.

Dr. Gavin has demonstrated that the above problems often unmask Costen Syndrome, which is a muscular head, back, and face dysfunction, combined with facial asymmetry, incorrect bite (Malocclusion), and jaw, mouth, and TMJ damage.

An incorrect bite causes dental interference and forces the patient to develop an unconscious clenching and teeth grinding habit. This excessive mouth work enlarges swallows, makes muscles painful, and can trigger sprains internally.

The effects are serious, and patients often suffer from anxiety and depression because they believe finding a solution is impossible.


Dr. Gavin can help! Pain-free, in ONE step, with NO surgery, and with immediate improvement and recovery. You can ditch the useless medications and be back at work the next day!

How it works:

After a full assessment, Dr. Gavin treats patients comfortably in a hospital operation room under moderate sedation.

He first injects Botox into the muscles which allows him to relax and manipulate the jaw manually and reposition it. He centers and realigns the jaw to address the Malocclusion, facial asymmetry by stretching the mouth/face/head/shoulder/neck and back muscles.

Next, treatment inside the TMJ joint relocates and recaptures any dislocated and displaced joint cartilage and disc by using ozone medicinal gas and platelet-rich plasma from the patient's blood. This reduces inflammation and recovers TMJ elasticity.

Finally, Dr. Gavin makes a lab-tailored splint for night-time, which corrects the jaw position, stretches and relaxes the head, face, back, neck, shoulder muscles.

Say goodbye to the endless suffering!

About Dr. Luis Gavin
Dr. Luis Gavin is a leading international Speaker, Consultant Physician, and Maxillofacial Surgeon from Spain.

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