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Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds in Santa Barbara Now Offers Car Title Loan Service

Bail bond company in Santa Barbara provides new way of helping clients by offering car title loan service.


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- A unique combination of businesses now offers expanded services to Santa Barbara residents. The recent partnership between “Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds” and “Trading Financial Credit, LLC” now means that you can go to one place to find Santa Barbara bail bonds at a highly affordable rate along with Santa Barbara car title loan services as well.

While the combination of bail bonds and car title loan services may at first seem separate, they actually can work very well together. This can be especially useful to residents of Santa Barbara looking for affordable, quick loans to help them if they are in a tough situation. A prime example is if they need bail bonds. Of course, customers may also need a car title loan for other financial reasons as well.

Having to be bailed out of the Santa Barbara County Jail is not a welcoming prospect, but not having enough money on hand to be bailed out can be very difficult. This interesting combination of a Santa Barbara car title loan company along with a bail bonds service hopes to solve this problem for people who may have little or no credit. The advantages of having a car title loan available when trying to raise the money just to cover bail to get someone out of the Santa Barbara County Jail has the potential to be of great service, both in convenience and in providing another option for customers.

Furthermore, having a Santa Barbara car title loan office within a bail bond company provide good diversification in an uncertain economy, allowing for more income streams for the Santa Barbara bail bonds company.

Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds has been in Santa Barbara for over 40 years, providing top quality service with fast bail bonds 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. With offices in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Murrieta and Alhambra customers can reach a bail bond agent quickly to get the service they need in and around the surrounding communities. There are no travel expenses, extraneous fees or other extras added to the price. For further information about the bail bonds process, you can contact Jae Brattain by e-mail or call toll-free 877.698.6600.

Trading Financial Credit, LLC provides fast cash for those with car title loans. The advantage of having a car title loan is that no credit check is needed since the vehicle itself is the collateral for the loan. If you need cash to help someone get out of Santa Barbara County Jail, you can combine this service at one place thanks to Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds. However, you can use the cash for other reasons as well.

This unique combination of a bail bonds in Santa Barbara company along with a car title loan business is looking to advance both services as well as provide more convenience for the customer. This is especially true for those who may not be very familiar with one type of business as they can use the same agency to either secure Santa Barbara bail bonds or a car title loan without having to shop somewhere else.

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