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Acadia Malibu Cites the Things to Look for in a Drug Treatment Center

When one is looking for a drug treatment center, it’s important to know what the center’s substance abuse programs are, take note that that everyone’s needs may vary, depending upon the intensity of addiction and drug dependence. Basically, the longer and more intense the one’s use and dependence on drugs, the longer and more intense the treatment program he may need.


Malibu, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Regardless whether the center’s recovery program will take several weeks or months, its support and long-term follow-up are also important for the patient’s recovery. A quality drug treatment center not only tackles the abuse of drugs and other substances, it also tackles the emotional pain and other personal problems that contribute to one’s addiction.

Oftentimes, a drug treatment center’s advertisements are shown in serene settings with picturesque views. Yes, it will be nice to have these amenities however they won’t come cheap. Acadia Malibu advised to focus on what really are essential: proper licensing, quality of care given during the program, follow-up services, and staff qualifications. The things to check include:

Program accreditation and licensing: Be certain that the center’s treatment program by a governing body in the state it is in. Also, be sure to check that the program is operated by a well-trained addiction specialists and mental health professionals.

The efficacy of the center’s treatment methods: Drug treatment centers should have at least some data and figures on their success rates, preferably from an objective outside agency.

Kind of aftercare services to avoid relapse: Search or ask if the center has a well-run aftercare program. Know if the center provides referrals to some other recovery services and support groups in the community. Also make it a point that a staff member will collaborate with you to come up with a discharge plan prior to leaving the program.

In finding the ideal drug treatment center that suit one’s needs and budget, Acadia Malibu advised the public to: Consult a doctor and ask for a referral. Get in touch with your health insurance company. See if your company offers an Employee Assistance Program with addiction counseling. Contact local mental health clinics, community health centers and hospitals.

About Acadia Malibu
The mission of Acadia Malibu is to provide unique, high quality drug and alcohol treatment services at every step along the continuum of care. They have decades of combined experience working with clients, from the initial ‘Crisis Intervention,’ all the way through to aftercare and alumni services. Acadia is licensed in Malibu to provide care for those suffering from dual-diagnoses and our staff is very experienced in treating co-occurring disorders. Acadia Malibu stands by their commitment to provide a special and innovative treatment experience, and to tailor an individualized care plan for each of their clients.

Acadia Malibu has created a community-based, long-term Acadia rehab treatment model. Our flexible model allows us to create ways of making treatment affordable to most families. We shepherd clients through the treatment process by helping them to integrate themselves into the fabric of our community, and even more importantly, by focusing on what their lives are going to look like post-treatment. Most treatment professionals have admitted that the old 30-day model is not working. Affordable, long-term, community-based care that really works is the future of drug and alcohol treatment … And this is what we are committed to providing each of our clients and their families with