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Adelaide Product Photography Launches First Affordable 360 Product Photography Studio

Adelaide's first and only 360 degree product photography studio launched offering affordable services to help businesses increase sales with stunning fully realized rotatable imagery of products.


Adelaide, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Shopping online is now increasingly replacing physical stores for more and more items every day. The drawback to shopping online is that shoppers cannot handle items and get a feel for their true dimensions in space, as they are only ever presented with two dimensional still images. 360 photography provides a novel solution to this setback, by offering visitors to online stores the ability to rotate items at will, seeing them from every angle for a more comprehensive view. Product Photography Adelaide offers traditional flat photography, but is the only company offering 360 product photography ideal for e-commerce websites.

The studio uses a full professional lighting set up and camera in addition to a computer controlled turntable upon a custom built backlit product platform, allowing for crystal clear images taken at incremental angles that can generate a spinning image that can be viewed frame by frame or rotated at will by viewers.

The set up is also highly robust, able to photograph items up to 80kg in weight and one cubic metre in size. The service is already proving popular, and Adelaide Product Photography has recently completed a large order of over 1000 automotive parts to form an online catalogue for a major international manufacturer.

A spokesperson for Product Photography Adelaide explained, “We have worked hard to devise the ultimate platform through which to deliver this service because testing has shown it has staggering results in improving engagement and sales. It helps e-commerce sites provide next level professionalism in their front end, which makes customers consider them more trustworthy when it comes to making purchases, as well as encouraging them to purchase items because they have a fuller mental conceptualization of them, especially when compared to flat images. We are able to scale these services competitively so whether individuals have five items or five thousand, we can help.”

About Adelaide Product Photography
Adelaide Product Photography offer affordable product photography services to better enable businesses to sell their items online. These services are ideal for anyone active in ecommerce or hosting an online catalogue. Interactive product rotation imagery increases page view duration, lead generation and sales by enhancing product engagement at point of interest. For more information please visit: