Villalpando Media Features in-Depth Review of World-Renowned Anti-Aging Supplement for Men


Little Rock, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- Nobody likes getting old. The body starts to break down, skin starts to sag, and health problems gradually build up. But thanks to recent significant advancements in the health supplement industry, aging is becoming more manageable.

Ageless Male is one such health supplement. As the name suggests, Ageless Male specializes in reducing the effects of aging in men. In order to do this, Ageless Male uses a combination of vitamins and nutrients that improve overall health, increase sex drive, and even boost testosterone levels.

Ageless Male has been clinically proven to work and features a 30 day money back guarantee, but one website seeks to definitively answer the question that is on many readers’ minds: does Ageless Male work?

That website is which features a detailed review of the Ageless Male supplement. The review explains the special ingredients included in Ageless Male as well as the real results that men can expect while using the product – which may or may not be the same results promised by the supplement company itself.

A large part of the review focuses on a special ingredient called Re-settin, which forms a major part of the Ageless Male proprietary blend. According to, Re-settin boosts libido and shrinks the prostate to a healthy size. It even prevents hair loss by blocking testosterone from turning into DHT – the enzyme that causes hair loss. So, instead of having negative effects on the body, this testosterone can be used to burn fat and develop muscle mass.

One of the biggest advantages of is that the reviewers have actually used the product for a long period of time. The review was written by a group of men who tried the product and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to tell other men about it. A spokesperson explained how that differentiates from other websites:

“On the internet, it’s all too common to see review websites exaggerating the benefits of a health supplement while minimizing its negative qualities. In most cases, these review websites are simply gathering information from other websites, and the reviews are written by someone who has ever actually used the product. We’re proud to say that our website is the real deal when it comes to honest information about Ageless Male.” doesn’t shy away from the negative qualities of Ageless Male. Under the ‘cons’ section, the website mentions that there isn’t a free trial, and that the product must be taken continuously in order to unlock all of its benefits.

However, the review concludes by stating that these cons are minor compared to the dramatic anti-aging effects that Ageless Male has given to men all over the world.

About features a review of an anti-aging male health supplement called Ageless Male. The review was written by a group of men who actually tried out the product and enjoyed it. To read the full review, please visit: