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Andy Fine, MD, Discusses Finding "True Age"


Littleton, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2015 -- Andy Fine, MD, is a doctor of internal medicine who serves as a primary care physician for a number of patients in Littleton, Colorado, and surrounding areas. According to this doctor, a person's "true age" may have little to do with his or her chronological age. "Some people are much older, health wise, than their age and some are much younger," he notes. "It all depends on the care patients take of their bodies and how seriously they are committed to good health."

He notes that there are several "tests" online that measure a person's "true age." These tests are designed to measure factors that have a significant impact on health such as smoking, drinking alcohol, being overweight and lack of exercise. If the score on these factors is high, the person will receive a higher "true age" than someone who does not smoke, does not drink and exercises regularly while maintaining a healthy weight.

Andy Fine, MD, located on the web at, helps patients discover ways to lower their "true age." By monitoring weight, quitting smoking, moderating alcohol use and exercising regularly, many patients are able to significantly lower the impact on their health and increase their life expectancy. For more information on his practice and how it helps patients live a healthier life, visit his website or

About Andy Fine, MD
Andy Fine, MD, practices primary care internal medicine in the Littleton, Colorado area. For more than 15 years, Dr. Fine and his staff have been delivering quality care to the residents of this area, particularly adults with complex medical issues. Dr. Fine accepts most insurance and takes new patients on a regular basis.

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