Joe Bragg Releases New Flexirent Packages


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Computers have never been more affordable than they are today. Computers are in everything from calculators to smartphones, and it’s nearly impossible to get through a day without using at least one type of computer. Whether at home or running a small business, computers are something that many people depend on every single day.

That’s a lesson that Western Australian computer retailer Arrow Computers knows as well as anyone. At, visitors will find a selection of pre-built computers and computer accessories for sale. has five retail locations in Perth and surrounding suburbs, including locations in Morley, Osborne Park, and Joondalup.

But a new equipment leasing offer from is causing customers to take note. A spokesperson for Arrow Computers explains how it works:

“We’ve unveiled a new Flexirent program. Flexirenting is a popular concept for thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand. Flexirenting allows customers to rent or lease computers and computer equipment for the home or small businesses. Customers get the computer equipment they need now and pay for that equipment as they go.”

Instead of investing thousands of dollars in computer equipment for the home or office, Flexirenting allows users to rent powerful computer equipment for a fraction of the cost. At the website, visitors can discover what kinds of equipment they can rent, including:

- Desktop computers and workstations
- Notebooks, laptops, and tablets
- Laser and inkjet printers
- Plasma TVs
- Photocopiers
- Digital cameras and digital video cameras
- Data storage devices

Flexirenting comes with a number of unique advantages over a traditional lease agreement. The Arrow Computers spokesperson explains what makes Flexirent a popular option:

“We’ve unveiled a special Flexirent package called the ‘Complete Protection’ package. With this package, users are automatically covered against theft, loss, or accidental damage anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, and overseas locations. We also offer 24 hour computer replacements should the computer need to be repaired at any time during the lease, as well as easy lease extensions, 100% lease financing without a deposit, and dozens of other benefits that can be viewed at our website.” allows customers to Flexirent computers for business or personal use. After filling out the agreement, customers can use the computers for whatever needs they might have. From PC gaming to business, aims to make owning the latest computer hardware as easy and affordable as possible.

About is a Western Australian computer and computer accessories retailer with five locations throughout Perth. The company recently revealed a Flexirenting package that allows customers to lease or rent the computers and computer equipment they need for a home or small business. For more information, please visit: