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Australian Foam Boards Supplier Uncovers a New and Unusual Hidden Demand

New and unusual ways of using simple white foam board sheets has been uncovered by an Australian foam boards supplier.


Brisbane, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- Australia’s leading foam board supplier launched its new website back in September 2011. Little did they realize the hidden demand that they would uncover for foam board products. Now, nearly a year later, they are releasing a range of children’s playhouses and furniture.

Within days of launching the website they were inundated with unusual requests to cut the humble foam board sheets into a diverse range of shapes. “We fully expected growth in the normal straight and rectangular cutting demand that we had already experienced in our offline business but what was not expected was the odd and unusual shapes that were requested.” said David Schummy, company director.

Some of the unusual requests included cutting large circles and crescents to be used to decorate enormous Christmas trees. Skylines to match the Mary Poppins set had to be quickly designed and dispatched across the country for an important social occasion. More recently tessellated patterns were cut to create Minecraft themed party props. The Australian Defence Force is using foam boards in its planning department and numerous architecture students use the board for displays and rendering models.

Fix-a-Frame P/L, the parent company behind the foam boards craze, revealed their latest venture is into the design of children’s playhouses. The foam board was an obvious choice for making kid’s play furniture because of the light-weight and durable nature of the product. Parents want new and exciting things for their children to play with that doesn’t involve electronic games. The kid’s playhouses provide a great structure that the children can decorate and personalize to their hearts content. The material has a matt white finish both inside and out, unlike other cardboard constructions, making it an ideal blank canvas for children to express their creativity. The board readily accepts all water-based paints, crayons and coloring pencils.

The foam boards graphics department is working overtime to keep up with the pressures of designing structures that could be cut on demand by CNC machines. The latest upgrade to the foam board cutter software has allowed the incorporation of several new cutting and creasing heads to the machines so that new and complex folds that were not possible in the past can now be achieved. Coupling the professional cutting capabilities with the hobby Foamwerks tools has caused an explosion in the use of the simple white board.

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