Joe Bragg Launches Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison Tool is designed to help drivers pay as little as possible for their auto insurance by comparing quotes from a multitude of different companies quickly and easily.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Car insurance has been around nearly as long as cars themselves. Most people can see the inherent benefit of insuring a vehicle, because sadly car accidents do happen. Governments certainly see the benefit, with most countries around the world mandating car insurance coverage for all drivers.

One car insurance related site that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This new site helps drivers save money on their auto insurance by helping them compare quotes from different companies. It is quickly becoming regarded as the best auto insurance quotes comparison website on the Internet.

The site makes comparing quotes extremely quick and easy. Drivers simply input their details and the site automatically searches for quotes from a range of big name insurance companies. Users only need to enter their details once, saving them from the laborious process of entering their details separately for every company that they want a quote from.

As well as the quote comparison engine, the site also contains an informative auto insurance buyers guide. It contains many useful hints and tips about how to save as much money on car insurance as possible.

A spokesperson for the website said: “No one likes paying for auto insurance. It’s probably one of the least enjoyable purchases that can be made. Sadly it is a necessity for drivers. Governments mandate that all drivers have to be insured. Most people are looking for a way to save money on their car insurance, because when you are forced to buy something it makes sense to pay as little as possible. The best way to find a great deal is to shop around and get quotes from a multitude of different companies. For most people this just isn’t possible. It’s an incredibly time consuming exercise and people have busy lives. Our site does all the leg work for them. They only need to enter their details once, and our system will automatically obtain quotes from leading insurers. All they have to do is pick the cheapest one.”

About is a car insurance quotes site that lets drivers get quotes from multiple insurers quickly and easily.

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