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Automotive Chip Supply Chain Issues Across Asia Pacific


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2021 -- The pandemic has caused many supply chain issues, across Asia Pacific and beyond. However, it's auto chip shortages that are emerging as one of the most significant crises that is taking the longest to resolve. Not only that but many manufacturers have now highlighted that the swift shift that we are seeing to electric vehicles may be making the problem worse. Carmakers are set to face further challenges as manufacturers of the chips have said that production is unlikely to normalise before the middle of next year. That's more delays and pain for automakers, many of which have been dealing with issues since late 2020 and stand to lose $100 million in missed sales this year. For the chipmakers themselves it's a different story, with surging profits and huge demand. However, as most chips are made using older production technology it's taking a long time for the resources to be put in place to meet the post-pandemic spike in vehicle demand, and all the time the pressure is rising.

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