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Avrek Law Firm Successfully Takes Legal Action Against Tire Manufacturers and Auto Manufacturer After SUV Rollover

Avrek Law Firm has won a mid seven-figure settlement after pursuing claims against tire manufacturers and sellers who contributed to an SUV Rollover causing severe injuries.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- In 2013, a used tire was sold to one Mr. Doe by a tire store in escrow, to be sold about the same time. The tire sellers installed the tire on Mr. Doe's SUV. Three months later, Mr. Doe's daughter drove her mother to church on the freeway when the tread separated and yanked the vehicle hard right. As she tried to correct the lurch by steering to the left, the SUV rolled owing to its inherent instability, spinning four times and crushing the roof, blocking two lanes of traffic upside down in the road. Avrek Law were instructed to pursue justice on behalf of the injured parties.

Due to the predictable and inherent weaknesses in the SUV roof, this rollover crash resulted in significant roof crush after the car's inherent instability caused the SUV rollover, after the tire manufacturer and seller allowed a faulty tire to be installed on the car.

The driver suffered closed head concussion, numerous cuts and bruises on her left shoulder, right arm, left fingers, hips, ribcage, both legs and left foot. She was hospitalized for three days after the accident.

Mrs. Doe suffered closed-head injury, blunt head trauma, subdural hematoma, a coma lasting weeks resulting in traumatic brain injury, and a fractured pelvis. These injuries have rendered her a dependent and incapacitated adult.

Avrek Law Firm filed a complaint against the auto manufacturer and tire manufacturer for strict-product liability, negligent product liability, and negligent infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium.

A spokesperson for Avrek Law Firm explained, "We contended that the tire and the SUV were both defectively designed. The Complaint also plead that the individual and corporate persons comprising the tire shop negligently inspected, failed to warn and sold the tire to Mr. Doe. We are pleased to announce we were successful in resolving the claims for mid seven figures during a confidential mediation to our clients' satisfaction."

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