Baking Fresh Announce a New Baking Experience Every Month Where Recipes and Ingredients Delivered Direct to Customers Homes

A new concept in the world of baking has been developed to help people who want to bake at home like the contestants on BBC British Bake Off. Baking Fresh has launched a service where people are sent a recipe each month with the ingredients needed.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- A leading supermarket reported a 40 per cent increase in the number ingredients being sold due to the popularity of the British Bake Off Show. The show has helped increase the number of people who are now turning to baking at home, and one company who is set to increase that trend is Baking Fresh with their head chef Kathy.

Television shows including The British Bake Off Show has brought a new interest in baking at home. However, although baking and cookery shows have become a big hit, people wishing to bake at home are struggling to find easy to follow recipes and source the ingredients they need. Baking Fresh with their Head Chef Kathy, who has been featured in the national press, including Waitrose Kitchen, has introduced a way to make baking at home simplified.

Baking Fresh, which was created by Stephen Olliver provides a new baking experience each month where they deliver an easy to follow recipe with the ingredients needed to make a perfect treat for the whole family. The new idea from Baking Fresh is helping people who wish to bake at home but have been put off by hard to follow recipes and the challenge to find the ingredients needed, a solution to bake like the contestants on the British Bake Off show.

Baking fans no longer have to struggle to source the ingredients by visiting different supermarkets and specialty cooking shops. Each month customers choose which recipe they would like, a Baking Fresh Box is prepared, including all ingredients pre-measured to the quantities needed, and delivered direct to the customers door for free to the West Midlands area.

New recipes are added each month where people can bake Cardamom and Mango Doughnuts, Pink Peppercorn Chocolate cake, and many more treats.

Stephen said: "We think a delicious homemade treat is something to look forward to on several levels. The anticipation of licking the of the spoon, the fresh baking aroma as it bakes in the oven, and the satisfaction of having made the end result yourself brings excitement to the kitchen. Our recipes are exciting to bake and delicious to devour."

Cooking experts believe the new service will increase the trend for people wishing to cook at home with the easy to follow recipes and the ingredients included. The Baking Fresh service has already become a huge hit, and the company hopes to help all baking fans the chance to cook delicious treats for them and their family.

Reviews of the service include:
"Oh wow @BakingFresh as well as looking great, this coffee & hazelnut meringue roulade tasted amazing!"

@BakingFresh I can confirm it tasted even better than it looked!

"@BakingFresh Fresh Box received safely ~impressed with neatly measured contents and recipe .. Photos to follow soon #happy"

@BakingFresh the florentines are delicious, thank you so much :-)

@BakingFresh tastes fantastic. Raspberry and chocolate tart. Many thanks!

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