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Basketball Tips Publishes Investigation Into the Jump Manual Vertical Leap Training System

Basketball tips has created an independent, insightful investigation of The Jump Manual, a training system for improving an athlete’s vertical leap and has gotten the attention from amateur to pro basketball players.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Basketball requires a unique blend of skills, including fine motor control for manipulating the ball with just the tips of the fingers, fast reaction times and agility for outmaneuvering the competition, and most importantly an impressive vertical leap to overcome the defense and send the ball through the hoop. The last of these is the only one that cannot be improved simply by playing, and as such all players look for a means to train that will improve their jump height. The Jump Manual has been getting a lot of attention, and to test how good it really is, Jesse Parker from Basketball Workout Tips has undergone the program and shared his results with the manual (

The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller, a trainer who works with NBA pros and Olympic athletes to improve their body strength. This program is optimized to create impressive and near-immediate results, promising a 2-6” improvement in vertical leap in just 45 minutes.

The Jump Manual program works the core, quads, hamstrings, calves and feet as well as giving detailed insight into techniques for standing and moving jumps to give athletes at any level the edge to overcome their opponents.

Jesse shared his insights in a YouTube video in which he confirms the program is as effective as it claims to be, allowing him as a lifelong player to dunk for the first time.

Another figure who embarked on a mission to test this program is Matthew Godley, an eager young player with poor jumping skills who wished to dunk. When reached for comment, Matthew explained, “My Jump Manual experience has been recorded in detail on my blog at, and visitors to that site can see that I was initially skeptical that a workout regime could significantly improve my jumps. I wasn’t lazy before, and really thought I was doing the best I could. What the Jump Manual did for me was to redefine what was possible by freeing me from some bad habits, optimizing my technique and honing my strength in very specific ways I could never have thought of by myself. As such, I highly recommend the Jump Manual to anyone at any level seeking to improve their vertical jump.”

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