Beat Maker Software Allows for Easy, Professional Custom Beat Making


Penn Yan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- A new online software for producing quality beats effortlessly and quickly – The DubTurbo Beat Maker is making waves in the music industry. The software comes with a few unique features that make the process of generating beats easy. According to the sources, the official website as well as the renowned site ‘Learn How to Play Keyboard’ also claims that no previous experience is required to understand the details.

The software comes with video tutorials that explains all the related details and helps the novice get started. In addition to offering 24/ 7 online access, the software can be downloaded and installed on a computer as well. When contacted, an expert of the field said, “DubTurbo is certainly way ahead of other options as available in the market. Not only is aids beginners as well as professionals in making custom beats with ease, it also comes with a range of additional features that are absolute vital when it comes to creating professional music.”

According to the sources, the software uses .wav format from samples in library to final exports resulting in broadcast quality. It uses high quality 44.1 stereo through the beat building process. The software also has 64 – 128 bars arranged in a pattern. If experts of the field are to be believed, it has the tools and potential to replace studio gear worth thousands of dollars. The company is also guiding the buyers in selling their beats and generating revenue. In addition, the software comes with a 16 track sequencer, 10 pad drum machine and 4 octave keyboards.

When contacted, the creator of DubTurbo Beat Maker said, “You will be chopping amazing beats in no time, we promise. The YouTube videos are in depth and by the time you finish your second or third video you will truly have a great understanding of a lot of aspects of music production; sequencing, drum patterns, intros, fills, gaps, builds, rolls, chords, vox use, bass lines, and more!” Ruth Martin, president of Learn How to Play Keyboard added, “DubTurbo is quickly overtaking the online beat maker industry because the quality of the software and the price can't be beat.”

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