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Bee Chems Offers the Highest Quality Lithium Silicate in a Variety of Specifications


Kanpur, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2022 -- Bee Chems, one of the leading container desiccant suppliers, offers the highest quality lithium silicate in a range of specifications. The lithium silicate that they offer is used for many applications, including concrete surface treatments, specialty paints and coatings, welding rod binders, refractory, ceramics and glazes, and more. Their lithium silicate is also added to sodium or potassium silicates to improve adhesion. It easily penetrates into concrete because of its low viscosity and hence hardens concrete properly. Bee Chems' Lithium silicates take only take around six hours to dry in comparison to sodium which takes about 24 hours to dry.

Their lithium silicates are more reactive than sodium or potassium as a result, they can accommodate a greater silica concentration. Because of the greater silica concentration, lithium silicate can be applied to the concrete surface more gently, resulting in less residue to clean up. In addition, lithium silicates are less alkaline than the alternative, making them a more environmentally choice. The company offers its lithium silicate in a variety of packaging options to meet the diverse needs of the clients.

Talking more about their lithium silicate, a representative of the company stated, "Lithium silicates is the newest of all liquid silicates being used for similar applications. it offers much more advantages of reactivity and durability due to its unique chemical nature. Lithium silicate forms a stable high ration, low viscosity solution. Once dried lithium silicate is relatively insoluble compared to potassium and sodium silicates. It has higher melting points and may change the refractory properties of sodium and potassium silicates."

Bee Chems is a well-known name in the industry for providing a diverse selection of industrial-grade chemicals to companies all over the world. The company has gained a massive customer base all across the country for its unmatched commitment to quality. They have a team of experienced professionals who assist their customers in choosing the right chemicals according to their needs. In addition to lithium silicate, the company also offers chloride desiccant, MIL desiccant bags, ethylene absorber, lithium silicate, oxygen absorber packets, oxygen absorber packets, Humidity indicator plugs, humidity indicator cards, and many more.

About Bee Chems
Bee Chems has been serving the need for Silica and Alumina chemicals since 1972. Solving the problems of customers and working on improving their profitability, was the driving force behind setting up the company. Bee Chems has been a constant innovator in the field of silica and alumina chemistry and has regularly produced first-of-its-kind products in India and global markets. With growing integration with global economies, Team Bee Chems is now putting in every active effort to bring out more such innovative products.

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