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Best Bev Reveals the Key Ways to Streamline Beverage Logistics


Pennsburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2022 -- Beverage manufacturers — whether they craft wine and spirits or non-alcoholic drinks — care about preserving the quality of their products from bottling to delivery. However, it can be challenging to ensure the beverage is handled and transported safely and efficiently while still meeting customers' demands. Thankfully, beverage companies can rely on Best Bev for tried-and-true logistics strategies. Today, the bottling and canning company shares best practices for optimizing beverage logistics operations.

Beverage manufacturers must operate with an eye on the future. By embracing cloud computing, they will be able to analyze historical data as well as present trends to determine where their companies are lacking. They should also consider partnering with suppliers and distributors with the capacity and flexibility to meet monthly demand and seasonal changes. When they are constantly looking toward the future, beverage manufacturers will be able to scale space and staff based on demand, saving money in the long run.

Because beverage logistics have specific requirements, drink brands should select partners that are qualified to handle beverages. Supply chain managers can create scorecards with KPIs to evaluate their current and future partners. One important factor they will need to consider is where the partner is located in relation to their customers and rail and ocean terminals. By choosing partners that have the same goals and are conveniently located on their shipping routes, beverage companies can significantly reduce supply chain costs.

Finally, beverage brands should be strategic about how their products are packaged and stored. A company offering both glass bottling and co-packing services could help them formulate ways to pack items in such a way that transportation costs are kept low and product damage is minimized. The right logistics partners will also provide storage solutions that keep drinks in perfect condition while they wait to be shipped or exported.

While it can seem daunting to smooth a beverage company's supply chain, making small tweaks here and there can result in significant savings year after year. Beverage brands looking to improve their logistics should reach out to Best Bev at for guidance and premier canning, bottling, and consulting services.

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