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BestOnlineRPGGames.com Creates Thriving Community of Gamers Like No Other Site


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2012 -- The hundreds of gamers that visit BestOnlineRPGGames.com daily come back as much for the community as for the hundreds of different free online RPG games. In addition to its vast and constantly updated choice of top games, the website’s thriving community of gamers provides reviews, tips and gaming news that keeps the site vibrant and always changing.

Started by a group of four gaming enthusiast four years ago, BestOnlineRPGGames.com set out to be something different than just a site where other gamers could find and play the best free online real player games. They knew the key to becoming the number one site of its kind would be making it a thriving community with true interaction between its members that would keep them coming back for more than just the latest games.

“Many of the hundreds of games on our site provide very deep and detailed fantasy worlds, MMORPG experiences and mirrors on history and even dating in the new millennium,” said one of the website’s founders. The possibilities for sharing strategies, new ways of playing, creating teams and getting detailed reviews that provide new perspectives were the things that we felt would make the site one of a kind.”

From featuring the top gamer of the week and a thriving Facebook page to a blog with endless user reviews that bring much greater depth to each game’s nuances (as well as a little snark and fun) the website community interacts in ways that no other gaming site can match. With hundreds of community members bringing new gaming news, tips, possible updates, fixes and workarounds to the table, the four founders have a literal army of gamers helping to scour the web for new games and information to keep the site changing and vibrant.

Of course, at the heart of the website are the hundreds of games that range from simple to complex and infinitely challenging with every one of them hours of fun. With 11 different categories to choose from, every genre is represented fully ranging from fantasy to historic, Sci-Fi to medieval and everything in between. “The combination of endless games that are updated often and our thriving community keeps us growing and on top,” said one founder.

Every game is a winner and includes games like “Dragons Soul,” where players have the option of joining a kingdom and engaging in large scale player-verses-player battles. The website features games like “Apokalyx,” where the player is a gladiator in a futuristic world after the world ends fighting three races—Mutants, Stark Ones and Wildcats—for glory, money and freedom. There are dozens of Sim Dating Games like “Anime Sim Date 2” and “Idol Days Sim Date” among many others.

Fantasy Role playing Games like “Darkness Springs 2” provides numerous quests, spells and enemies, more than 100 maps and 2,000 items in a huge world. Games like “Adventure Quest Worlds” bring a massively multiplayer role-playing game that plays right inside any web browser. There are great Horror RPG games like “Asylum ll Escape,” Science Fiction RPGs such as “Alien Craft” and “Alien Invasion 2” as well as Adventure RPGs like “Black Navy War 2” or “Dogfight 2.” For more information, please visit http://www.bestonlinerpggames.com

About BestOnlineRPGGames.com
The website provides the best free RPG games collection online including funny adventure games with RPG elements and browser MMORPG games. Gamers will find hundreds of RPGs that are divided into 11 categories for easy browsing. Every era or scenario, real or imagined is represented ranging from Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Medieval to Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Fun, Dating and beyond.