Joe Bragg Announces Picks for World's Best Outdoor Speakers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2013 -- Outdoor speakers can transform a backyard. Whether installing outdoor speakers around a pool or patio, outdoor speakers encourage homeowners to spend more time outside. When having guests over, outdoor speakers provide easy entertainment, and the right set of outdoor speakers can enhance the enjoyment of any backyard.

For all of these reasons, outdoor speaker review website wants to help visitors pick the perfect set of outdoor speakers for their backyard or patio. At, visitors will find detailed reviews of a diverse range of outdoor speakers, including speakers designed to look like rocks and speakers that can hang under the edge of a home’s roof.

As a spokesperson for explains, outdoor speakers have several unique qualities that make them different from a traditional set of speakers:

“When shopping for indoor speakers, the most important aspects are sound quality and aesthetic appeal. When shopping for outdoor speakers, sound quality is undoubtedly important, but shoppers also need to pay attention to durability and the amount of protection the speaker has from the elements. Some outdoor speakers are perfect for wet weather and cold weather, while others are designed for dry climates with minimal amounts of precipitation.”

All of the reviews on discuss speaker durability and protection from the elements. While indoor speaker shoppers need to worry about aesthetic appeal and the interior design style of their homes, outdoor speaker shoppers sometimes want to make their speakers ‘invisible’. Some speakers look like rocks, for example, and only reveal themselves to be speakers upon closer inspection. Shoppers who want to maintain a natural look in their backyards love rock-shaped outdoor speakers, while others might focus solely on sound quality.

Most people are not audio engineers, which can make it difficult to determine the sound quality of speakers without actually hearing them play music. As the spokesperson explains, the website helps people solve this problem:

“When it comes to both indoor outdoor speaker sound quality, we encourage visitors to compare frequency response curves, driver configurations, impedance, audio sensitivity, and peak power handling. Of course, since most people are unfamiliar with those terms, we also explain sound quality in layman’s terms. We explain how the bass, mid-range, and treble tones all sound, for example, and suggest which types of music will sound particularly good on each set of speakers.”

With plenty of outdoor speaker options from which to choose, aims to direct visitors to the best outdoor speakers for their needs.

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