Joe Bragg Lists the Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses, Cashiers and Chefs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2013 -- A number of professions require workers to stand on their feet for extended periods of time. Doctors, nurses, cashiers, and warehouse workers are all required to work on their feet for hours on end. For all of these workers, wearing the right type of footwear can prevent chronic back problems, foot discomfort, and other serious health issues.

Shoe shopping advice website wants to help anyone find the perfect pair of shoes for a job. At, visitors will find detailed reviews of shoes designed to make standing for extended periods of time as easy as possible for the body to handle. Each pair of shoes has been picked due to its comfort, support, and ability to help the body survive a day at any jobsite.

Meanwhile, the site also features specific shoe recommendations for certain professions, including the best shoes for nurses, doctors, and construction workers who need to stand on their feet for most of the day. Many of the shoes listed on are available online and include well-known brands like Rockport and Crocs.

Everybody has different types of feet. Some feet are wide, while others are flat. has information to help anyone regardless of which type of feet they have. Some people don’t need new shoes at all, and instead require special insoles. Other people require additional arch support.

As a spokesperson Best Shoes for Standing All Day explains, all of the information on the site was collected over hours of meticulous research:

“Obviously, there are thousands of different types of shoes that can be ordered online today. We set out with a goal of narrowing down our selection of shoes to just a few pairs designed to provide the maximum level of comfort to people who need to stand all day. At our site, visitors can view the result of all of that research and discover the best shoes available today.”

The site is designed to be as easy as possible to use. From the homepage, visitors can select a category based on their unique needs. Categories include:

- Best Shoes for Standing (Men)
- Best Shoes for Standing (Women)
- Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete
- Insoles for Standing All Day
- Best Sneakers for Flat Feet
- Best Shoes for Nurses
- And many more

Whether shopping for a pair of construction boots or a comfortable pair of nursing shoes, aims to show visitors how to stay as comfortable and healthy as possible no matter how much time they spend standing at work.

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