BetterBody Foods Announces Three New Products to Its Health Food Line

BetterBody Foods, an online retailer of healthy and tasty foods, has announced the release of three new products – Cold-Pressed Canola Oil, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, and Virgin Coconut oil – to its product line.


Lindon, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- BetterBody Foods, a source of healthy and delicious food products, has announced three new products to its line, available through the company’s website and via major food chains. These include Cold-Pressed canola oil, offered in four sizes including 16.9 fluid ounce, 32 ounce, 60 ounce, and gallon sizes. The canola oil is high in Vitamin E and Omega 6 and 3 while being low in saturated fat.

The company has also announced the availability of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract and Virgin Coconut oil. These are offered in addition to the unique Xagave agave nectar, the company’s flagship product, and the only agave with a mix of white and blue agave plant. Each product is intended to provide an alternative to traditional sugar and oil, introducing a healthier way of cooking and overall living.

In introducing three new products, BetterBody Foods gives customers more choices along with main product Xagave, a blue and white nectar available in sizes ranging from 11.75 ounce bottles to 5 gallon containers. Customers have a range of products to choose from, which can be found in food chains such as Sam’s Club, Winco, Associated Foods, and more, in addition to smaller kitchen craft stores.

Overall, the Cold-Pressed Canola Oil, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, and Virgin Coconut oil provide a low fat, low sugar solution to cooking and eating healthier. These and more can be easily purchase through the company’s website via the integrated shopping cart and user account system. Resources to learn more about the extracts in each are also available.

BetterBody Foods produces its new products and more at a 20,000 square-foot organic-certified bottling facility, located in Lindon, Utah. Products are distributed to health food retailers throughout the United States, the UK, and Korea. To learn more about the BetterBody Foods and its new -Pressed Canola Oil, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, and Virgin Coconut oil products, visit the company online at

About Betterbody Foods
Betterbody Foods is a Utah based company dedicated to bringing healthy and tasty alternatives to sugar in everyday living. The company's main product is Xagave, a premier blend of blue and white agave nectar, that is available in several sizes ( 11.75 oz, 23.5 oz, 4.75 lb, and 1 gallon bottles), as well as individual, serving-size, packets. The company is known for its Agave Nectar cookbook from gourmet chefs called Delicious Meets Nutritious.

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