Bliss Innovations Makes a Substantial Donation to St. Jude's Foundation Through Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set with Clear Colorful Handles

Bliss Innovations makes a generous donation to St. Jude’s Foundation to celebrate the release of the first product in its new range - Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set.


Modesto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2017 -- Bliss Innovations the small family company known for delivering premium essential home, patio and garden products, has made a generous contribution to St. Jude's Foundation through the recently launched Keen Edge Home's Magnetic Knife Set with Clear Colorful Handles. The Foundation is known for its commitment to paediatric treatment and has a research facility for sick children.

Bliss Innovations is delighted to announce our support to St. Jude's Foundation" says the company's spokesperson. "We have donated to St. Jude's Foundation, through our latest launch, the Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set with Clear Colorful Handles. Although newly launched, the product has received high acclaim with homemakers looking for an attractive contemporary knife set of quality and sophistication that can be easily and stylishly displayed on the kitchen countertop."

The company spokesman said, "The designers' brief was to develop a premium quality knife set that is both beautiful and stylish visually and yet also coupled with superior functionality." Gauging from the response of this launch, the range's first product is the Magnetic Knife Set with Clear Colorful Handles has been a roaring success.

The Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set contains 5 different knives each with its own specific use and each with its own unique beautiful pastel shade. Accompanying these knives is a black modern magnetized stand providing an attractive background for their display, which enables fast access and storage for the home cook and busy moms.

According to the company spokesperson, Bliss Innovations will be donating one dollar for the first 100 purchases of the Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set with Clear Colorful Handles to the St. Jude's Foundation. The stunning achievement of this product, just a few days into its launch has come as a pleasant surprise for the company. The donation is a gesture that has been heartily welcomed by their customers.

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Bliss Innovations is a family owned and operated online supplier of premium homeware, patio and garden products that offer innovative and contemporary designs for its customers. The company is committed to bringing its customers the best quality products that deliver on performance, durability and affordability in combination with impeccable customer service.

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