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BNSF Acquires Land in Planning Logistics Hub Near Phoenix


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2022 -- A 3,508-acre piece of land in the Phoenix region is soon to be the home of a new, huge intermodal logistics hub for BNSF Railway Co. In April this year, BNSF made the winning bid for the property, which went for more than $49 million at an Arizona State Land Department auction. As well as being the winning bidder, BNSF was also the sole bidder. The property sits right next to the BNSF railway line and is viewed as a smart long-term investment for BNSF. The company intends to focus on how it can best develop the land to transform it into "an economic engine in the West Valley." Although BNSF itself did not reveal details about what it was proposing to do with the land, public records show that it is planning to create a large logistics hub. The land is currently undeveloped and being used for livestock.

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