Boakita Announces Release of New K-9 Candybar

Boakita’s new K-9 Candybar does NOT contain chocolate but safely gives dogs the flavor of chocolate with the use of the Carob bean.


Elkhart, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- In addition to health benefits from phosphorus, vitamin E and calcium, it acts as an antioxidant to aid the absorption of calcium for hips and improved oral hygiene. Boakita’s K-9 Candybars are currently available at select Petlands, Pawmarts, Pet Supplies Plus’ and Martins. With an MSRP of $.99-$1.19, and boasting a 12 month shelf life they are attracting a lot of attention from retailers.

Chicago Foodies newsletter attended The International Kennel Club Dog Show, held February 24 – 26 at McCormick Place, in search of the hottest new trends in dog treat. Boakita caught their attention stating “ Boakita K-9 Candy Bars tasted like the real deal, at least according to one unsuspecting patron who thought they were actually for people”

Chocolate is one of the most dominant American guilty pleasures to date, far surpassing the rest of the world in annual consumption. With an estimated 50 million dogs nationwide who are allergic to it, we suspect Boakita will make chocoholic owners and their beloved pets very happy.

Charlie Scott, the owner of Boakita, stated: “The idea to come up with a candy bar for dog’s stems back to my childhood. I have always been a big fan of chocolate and we always had dogs in the family. I was told I couldn't share my chocolate bars, so I made it my goal to create one for dogs. It’s nice to see that dream come alive and share my passion with dogs across the nation.”

With the health benefits, and the look on their face when they get that first taste of Boakita, Chicago Foodies was spot on when they picked Boakita out of the thousands of treats on display at the International Dog Show.

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About Boakita
The team at Boakita are passionate dog lovers, and want nothing but the best for pets everywhere. That's why they have made it their goal to educate people about treats for dogs.

Many people still believe that products like dog biscuits are a real treat for dogs. What people don’t realize, is that a dog only has about 1700 taste buds, compared to a human having around 9000. Dogs have been getting the bad end of the flavor deal for too long.

Boakita Bars taste good, and many side by side taste tests have been done to prove dogs choose them more consistently than any other product tested to date.

Boakita try to discourage people from giving their dogs human food. There are many chemicals and preservatives which are harmful for dogs, and the biggest reason for canine obesity nationwide. Yet so many people still feed their dogs "people" food because they know their pets don’t get to experience flavor. Boakita Bars are the answer!

Boakita Bars are meant to be treats. Not a supplement for food.