Magic of Making Up

Book on Making up Your Break Ups Enrages Relationship Counsellors

The Magic Of Making Up System - Can It Really Improve Your Chances Of Getting Your Relationship Back?


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Hundreds of young people are thronging the internet at the launch of a new unconventional book on how to patch up after a break up: The Magic of Making Up

The Magic of Making Up written by T.W. Jackson is a book about what to do and what to say at the right time and many more other methods which are not too conventional but have claimed to have helped 90% plus readers on getting back their ex’s. The author even confesses that his methods which are mostly out of the box are in contrary with the methods of most therapists and relationship counselors who have spent years in studying human behaviors and are professionally there to help distraught people with relationship problems. And they are definitely not happy that young people are now resorting to this 30 something dollars book to solve their problems which have not been able to convince the academic professionals in the first place.

The book features programs on to name a few, what it means to really have a relationship, to deal the root cause problems, to learn to forgive each other as well as oneself, building relationships with friends, seeing positivity in relationships, how to express and how to deal with changes. The testimonials of many young couples and even divorcees getting back together is ridiculously and surprisingly increasing considering the fact that this author had no background study degree in psychology or human relations and that he was in the military.

The book review at rates The Magic of Making Up in number 540 under the category of Relationships & Family. T.W. Jackson’s experience of breaking up, dealing with the change, swallowing his pride (most probably, and working on getting back with his girl and really getting back is followed by the penning down of the book The Magic of Making Up.

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