Book Release: The Adventures of Katie Bubbles - Perfect Destination for Children


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- Messenger Hill Publishing, LLC – published the series: THE ADVENTURES OF KATIE BUBBLES, written for today’s children in the 6-12 age group. This imaginative, fast paced series, as illustrated by a nine year old girl, is designed to enrich kids' vocabularies, while telling the tale of Katie Bubbles, a magnanimous, red-headed girl.

The trouble is, her genius brother Giggles Bubbles; Giggles can’t stop inventing all manner of devices and potions and Katie can’t stop accidentally getting mixed up in Giggles' inventions. is a website created to sell the books on the adventures of Katie Bubbles: Book 1 – The Boston Adventure, Book 2 – Adventure in Mexico, and Book 3 – The Adventure at Mount Rushmore (coming soon). Children will find the books fascinating as they enrich their world with new words and are inspired by the colorful illustrations as sketched by a nine year old girl. The books make learning fun for kids between 6 – 99 years old who want to increase their English skills and enhance their vocabularies. These books are perfect examples of Children’s Literature and will remain as a warm childhood memory. The books are full of humor, fun, imagination and enough entertainment to educate and amuse every child’s mind.

The Author, Steven Hill, attempted his very first book when he was as young as seven years old. He’s always had a penchant for writing. Today he is a successful counselor having two Masters Degrees in psychology. He began this series when he couldn’t find an appealing book for his nieces.

The Illustrator, Sydney Patricia Hill, began drawing at age five and illustrated these books, her first, at age eight. Most nights, she can be found sketching at her desk in the family room, provided her homework is done. Sydney believes that her life and circumstances inspired some of the characters in this book.

Book 1: The Boston Adventure - Giggles creates a floating water mix in Katie’s wading pool. Katie hears a commotion near her pool and investigates and the next thing you know, Katie Bubbles winds up in a giant floating bubble! The winds push the bubble toward the City of Boston and Giggles watches in horror as his sister floats away. He panics and races next door to get help from Sujatha Wong-Sanchez, Katie's best friend. Sujatha advises Giggles to call his capable, military trained, almost-Uncle Dom and ask him to help rescue Katie. Then they all started a mission to rescue Katie safely out of the bubble. This book is about Katie’s adventures over Boston and her caring nature as she stops to help a lonely woman with no shoes.

Book 2: The Adventure in Mexico- Giggles Bubbles invents a “Location Re-Locator” and builds it in the tree house at the edge of his backyard. Katie Bubbles and her best friend, Sujatha Wong-Sanchez, accidentally turn the machine on and get relocated to Tulum, Mexico, where they find themselves wandering around the ancient ruins. While exploring the beautiful Walled City, they stumble upon a little girl who is sitting behind the Temple of the Diving God, crying her eyes out. Katie and Sujatha discover her issue, decide to help and so the adventure begins!

The third book is about to hit the stores. Book 3: The Adventure at Mount Rushmore- Giggles Bubbles invents a colorful “Walk through Waller Suit” that enables the person wearing it to walk through walls. Giggles leaves the suit hanging in his bedroom closet. His sister Katie Bubbles sees the suit while hunting through his closet looking for some junky old clothes she can wear to paint her room a brighter shade of pink. Katie thinks the Walk through Waller Suit would be perfect for painting so she puts it on, gets on her bicycle and pedals to Wal-Mart to buy paint. Unfortunately she slips on a wet floor while trying to help the Wal-Mart Greeter get out of the way of some runaway shopping carts. She goes wildly slipping and sliding and ultimately slides straight through the back wall of Wal-Mart as the Walk through Waller Suit activates! Then she slides through the wall of a Wal-Mart trailer truck that is heading for Mount Rushmore. She lands on a pallet of marshmallows and the adventure begins. It’s now up to her brother Giggles to come up with a way to rescue Katie and get her safely back home.

All books are written for young reader’s girls and boys, ages 6-12. These books will keep the interest of parents (and Grandparent’s) that read to their younger children. A unique aspect of these books is the vocabulary building appendix “Words You May Not Know”, where “big words” are defined by the author in simple language, so that children can quickly learn the meaning of new words, while they enjoy reading the Katie Bubbles Series.

A portion of the proceeds from these books will go to breast cancer research.

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