Cancer Vaccine in the US Is Booming

With 21 therapeutic cancers vaccine studies in phase-3 clinical trials, most expecting completion in the next 4 years, new entrants in the therapeutic cancer vaccines market can be expected in next 5 years.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- A new research report entitled "US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2020", by RNCOS reveals that 21 promising studies in phase-3 clinical trials are expected to yield possible therapeutic cancer vaccine products in the very near future. Currently, more than 20% of the therapeutic cancer vaccines in phase-3 clinical trials are for the treatment of lung cancer. This is reflective of the high demand that exists owing to the high incidence and prevalence of lung cancer in US. But for other leading cancer namely cancer of the prostate, breast, colon & rectum and corpus & uterus, NOS; there are few vaccine candidates in advanced phases of clinical trials. The most neglected segment is of the cancer of corpus & uterus, NOS (endometrial cancer) where no candidate exists in phase-3 clinical trial.

Prophylactic captures over 88% of the US cancer vaccine market in the year 2014 and their share is expected to fall in the next five years as there are numerous therapeutic vaccines in the development pipeline. However industry faces some challenges as well such as reimbursement issues and expensive treatments which hinder the growth of the market. Companies such as Merck & Co., GSk and Dendreon are considered to be the larger players whereas small players in the US cancer vaccine market are Celldex Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Galena Biopharma etc.

The report provides an effective analysis of the market drivers, current market size and future estimates. It also provides the key constraints faced by these cancer vaccine products that can hinder its market growth in the future. Moreover, an in-depth analysis of all the candidate cancer vaccines in various phases of clinical trials for most prevalent cancers in US has been done to identify diverse opportunities for players.

Further, the report provides competitive analysis of the promising players in the market along with their key strategies for business expansion. The regulatory environment detailing the whole cancer vaccine approval process along with FDA's guidelines to the industry for clinical proceedings of cancer therapeutic vaccines has also been provided.

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